79 part two: Para siempre Dios este con vos

Well. I didn’t think today was ever coming. It’s kind of like Christmas- you’re always like “It’s almost Christmas!” but then suddenly it IS Christmas and it always takes you off guard.

Today I’ll be spending the evening in the mission home with President and Sister Mullen. Tomorrow I’ll be watching California disappear from a plane window (unless I have an aisle seat, that is.) It’s really surreal.

The time has gone by so fast. My heart breaks a little bit every time I think about going back to “normal life.” My mission has easily been the best thing that’s happened in my life. I’ve come to understand and appreciate the gospel in a way that I never did before. I’ve been blessed to meet some of the most wonderful people and help them in the only way that really matters, in helping them to come closer to their loving Heavenly Father through our Savior Jesus Christ’s atonement.

I’m so thankful that God changed my plans and prompted me to put my “life” on hold while I came out here to serve Him and His children. I’ve grown in so many ways and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I also know that there’s a time and a season for all things. As sad as I am to be finishing this chapter of my life, I look forward to more great things happening in the future. Something I like to tell myself- kind of a motto or something I guess- is “Good things keep happening.” Just because one good thing draws to a close, doesn’t mean that all good things are over with. More good things keep coming. God has a plan- a plan of happiness! He’s got a ton of great things waiting for each one of us. When we live the way He’s outlined in the gospel and with the commandments, we’ll find the greatest measure of that happiness.

I know that God places specific people in specific places to touch other people’s lives. I’ve had the blessing of being on both sides of that during my mission. Wherever you are, there is always someone nearby that you can help and bless. Thank you to all of you who have kept me in your prayers. I’ve felt that support, especially when times have gotten hard. God hears our prayers and answers, whether they be in behalf of others or just a plea for comfort.

To those of you in Idaho, I’ll see you soon. Please try to make it a little less frigid- I’m concerned that I’ll catch a cold as soon as I step off the plane. Haha.

To those of you still serving here in California, keep it up! Enjoy every minute and don’t blink or it will all be gone.

I love you all dearly. “God be with you till we meet again.”

Hermana Deryk Howell

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