75: Heavenly Father loves us!

This week was quite a learning experience. Sometimes Heavenly Father needs to remind us to be humble, and that’s what He did to me this week.
The week started off with our teaching pool basically evaporating. V’s current treatment means that we can’t teach or visit him until around Christmastime, and another of our more solid investigators started avoiding us for some reason unknown to us. That left us with just one family that we’re teaching, and they were too busy this week to meet with us. So we basically had nothing and nobody to teach.
By Friday night, our “numbers” were pretty bad, and we got a firm talking-to from our mission leaders. We were left feeling really discouraged and not knowing what to do.
I realized that there wasn’t anything that I could do that we weren’t already doing. That was discouraging, too. Then I was reminded that I don’t have to do it all.
Saturday was one of the most miraculous days I’ve seen in my mission. God truly is aware of us and our individual needs. We were led to two new people to teach that day. One of them has been taught by missionaries for a while, but really wants to make the Church a bigger part of her family’s life. She seems really cool and I’m very excited to be teaching her!
Little things kept happening all day that just showed us how much God loves us. We accidentally walked right into 2 “member present” lessons, when the family we were having dinner with had their friends over, and when we decided to return a Tupperware that we’ve had for an embarrassingly long time- and the Hermana’s brother (not a member) and his family were visiting. The whole day was filled with little tender mercies- like that we had unlimited tacos de papa (potato tacos) for dinner. SO GOOD. Between Sister Spencer and I we ate 17 tacos- and we would’ve kept going but we decided that it wouldn’t be the healthiest choice to make. (Family, I’ve decided that that’s what I’m going to make for you first after I get home. Get excited.)
The miracles didn’t stop there, though. On Sunday, we had some people unexpectedly show up at church! Really unexpectedly. They had told us last week that they were going to be in San Diego on Sunday, and we hadn’t really talked to them since then. When I saw them coming down the hallway towards the chapel, it took a little while for it to register in my head who they were! I was all, “Who are the new people in our ward?…. oh wait, those are our investigators!” I think they enjoyed church though, and we’ll be seeing their whole family on Tuesday.
We also had the opportunity to teach the lesson in Relief Society this week. We taught about how important it is to love one another. It was a great reminder to me that we are all God’s children, and He just wants us to be nice to each other. Just like any parent. It reminded me of when I was little and would fight with my siblings and my mom would make us sing “I love you, you love me” from Barney. Why is it so hard for us to just love each other sometimes? When we focus on the good in people (which isn’t really that hard) you’re just happier and you love everyone and you’re the kind of person that people like to be around! It’s simple. Putting it into practice, not so much. But when we trust in God and ask for His help, I KNOW it’s possible. It was a great lesson and the Hermanas all loved it and participated a lot, so Sister Spencer and I didn’t have to do too much speaking in Spanish in front of everyone. It was great.
Love you all tons! Have a great week and make good choices!
Hermana Howell

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