74: We be jammin’

There’s not a whole lot to report this week. Sister Spencer and I are still working hard and jamming to bluegrass hymns and Alex Boye’s “I Know that my Redeemer Lives” because it sounds like the two guys singing are just trying to one-up each other and it’s HILARIOUS.
Our investigators are doing pretty well… except V. Because of his cancer treatments, he’s radioactive right now and can’t have human contact for 40 days. Which is a huge bummer. He’s such a sweet guy and has been progressing so well… We’re going to try and continue contact with him via phone and stuff though. :[
Right now we’re actually teaching a TON of less-active members. We keep finding these people that got baptized like 30 years ago and want to come back now. It’s crazy. But it’s great too. I’m really coming to love these people a lot. My perspective on less-active work has changed a lot. It may not look as good in our numbers, but I know it’s just as important as visiting non-members. These people need the gospel too! It’s great getting to see their progress and their spirituality increasing. :]
Love you all tons! Hasta la proxima, (Until next time,)
Hermana Howell

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