73: Firesides will SAVE THE WORLD.

Transfers rolled around again this week, and…

Nothing happened.

Sister Spencer and I are staying here in Hemet for my last transfer. I’m really excited about it. We’ve got some really great people that we’re teaching right now who should be getting baptized in the next month or so and I love working with Sister Spencer. We’re both old ladies/gangsters at heart, so we fit right in here in Hemet.

The weather is starting to cool off a little bit- I had to wear a light jacket a couple of times last week. Haha going back to Idaho in the dead of winter is going to be a struggle!

We also made history this week in the Hemet stake. One of the members in the San Jacinto ward somehow managed to get all the missionaries to pull together a fireside. He was so excited about it- Brother D  LOVES firesides, and I think he’s convinced that firesides are what is going to prepare the world for the second coming. So over the course of the last transfer, he’s been delegating to the missionaries different aspects of pulling together a fireside, and it finally happened last night. It actually turned out really nice. We did a “music and the spoken word” presentation of the first missionary lesson, the Restoration. Some missionaries taught the principles and then we had musical numbers to go with each principle. I sang “Redeemer of Israel” in a duet with another sister and accompanied a few other numbers. It was pretty good, but I forgot right up until I got up to sing that I get nervous and then my voice gets tight and then it’s hard to hit high notes- especially when my voice is SUPER out of shape from lack of practice. It turned out okay and my voice only cracked two or three times, and I don’t think the microphone quite picked up my pounding heartbeat. Haha. Really though, the fireside was a big success and the Spirit was really strong. It was a neat experience.

We also saw two castles this week. One was the Camelot- a retirement castle. The other was the famous Scientology castle. Rumor has it that they also have a pirate ship somewhere around here.

DSCN0312   DSCN0318

Well, hasta luego. Escribanme si me quieren! Si no me quieren, escribanme anyway. ;]
(Google translate is a little sketchy… this is the translation… or I guess it could be the author…. )

Well, write me if I want to ! If you do not want me, write me anyway.

Hermana Howell

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