70: Viejitos (Little Old Man)

This week was crazy awesome.

To start, we got to go to the temple on Tuesday! Yay! It was kind of bittersweet though, because I realized it was the last time I’d get to go while I was on my mission. I did feel a great peace and comfort as I sat in the House of the Lord, and I felt reassured that God has a plan specifically for me, both for now and for after the mission. Luckily I still have FOREVER left on my mission and I don’t have to think about any of that other stuff.

After the temple… I got sick. But just for a couple of days. I was pretty miserable for a bit, but I’m all better now. :]

The coolest thing this week is probably our investigator, Victor. He’s an older guy that we met a while ago, but it’s been hard to see him very often. This week we taught him about the Plan of Salvation and we brought a member of the ward with us and they were INSTANT BESTIES. It was awesome. Victor is super cool and loves everything we have shared with him. He says that there’s been something about this religion that’s been calling to him. He’s had some rough times lately- his work isn’t very consistent and he recently got diagnosed with cancer. But he’s so positive and is letting his trials bring him closer to God rather than push Him away. He came to church for the first time this week, and stayed for nearly the whole 3 hours… even though his daughter had had a baby the DAY BEFORE. He reads the Book of Mormon and understands and learns from it. He’s planning on being baptized in the middle of next month (but it might even be able to happen sooner at the rate he’s moving!)

Hermana Howell


Me and Sister Spencer at the temple!


Just some old people going for a nice afternoon stroll together, Hemet style.



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