69: Saving the day

This week, Sister Spencer and I got to be superheroes. Kinda.

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We were about to go to a parking lot to talk to people on Friday, when Sister Spencer suggested we go visit a potential investigator that is NEVER home. It was worth a shot, I thought, so we went. As we pulled up, we saw a couple of girls walking down the street. They waved us down and asked if they could use our phone to call someone. They were just 18 years old and had come to Hemet with their boyfriends to try to find an apartment, but hadn’t had any luck- they’d been living in motels for about 2 months, when they got into an argument and the boyfriends drove off and left the girls stranded. Their phone was dead and they didn’t know anyone that they could ask for help. So they hid their stuff in the hills and just started walking.
That’s when we found them. We let them make some phone calls, but they couldn’t find anyone to come pick them up. So we called around in our ward until we found an Hermano that could take them to pick up their things and take them to a bus stop.
While we waited for him to come, we got talking with them. One of them started talking about how she never saw herself in this situation. When she left, her parents had urged her not to, but she insisted that she was old enough and was able to take care of herself and live like a grown-up. She saw now that she was wrong.
This experience broke my heart. These poor girls just got themselves into a bad situation and couldn’t get out. It got me thinking- sometimes we all do the same kind of thing. We think we know better than the counsel we receive from our parents, or our church leaders, or the scriptures, and decide to do our own thing because we’re “old enough” or that it applies to other people, but somehow we’re exceptions to the rule. Then with that one little decision, we find ourselves in a situation that we can’t escape from. We’re stuck.
Luckily, our loving Heavenly Father sends people to our rescue. Just like Sister Spencer and I were led to rescue these girls from a night on the streets, God puts people in our lives to pull us off the streets of Hemet and set us back on track for home. We have our families, our church leaders, good friends, missionaries, and sometimes random strangers that we meet. God wants us to come home to Him and He will guide us there, no matter how far we wander (or defiantly march off) of the path. Repentance can be a hard process, but it is such a wonderful blessing that our Heavenly Father has given us. Through repenting we can choose to follow His guidance and come back to His path. It’s an uphill climb, but it’s much easier than trying to hack our own path through the wilderness!
Sorry for being so preachy! I’ve just been thinking a lot about it this weekend, when I wasn’t watching conference, which was awesome! How cool is it that the speakers gave their talks in their own native languages? So cool.
Make your week great! Mucho amor,
Hermana Howell

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