68: Welcome to Hemet

I am in Hemet.

It’s funny because
For those of you who haven’t heard of Hemet, (which I can hardly imagine that you haven’t!) I’ll describe it a little bit for you.
Hemet used to be a retirement community. That means there are still a ton of elderly people here. Their favorite mode of transportation is in little scooters that they’ve tricked out with basket/truck beds in the back for their things and a canopy similar to the bimini top on our boat. They just scoot down the sides of the road in these things, walking their dogs or going wherever it is that they go.
Hemet is the HOTTEST part of the California Riverside mission. Bien caliente. Luckily it cooled off this weekend and hopefully it keeps cooling down as we transition towards winter.
Hemet has its own museum! Unfortunately, the ONLY DAY that it’s closed is on Mondays, so I can’t tell you too much about it, except that it exists.
And that’s pretty much it.
My companion, Sister Spencer, is awesome. She’s a great missionary and I’m learning a lot from her. She cares so much about the people we’re teaching and has been so patient with me while I try to get my feet back underneath me in a new area.
I’m still getting to know our investigators at this point. A lot of them have been difficult to get in contact with. We’ve seen so many miracles this week though, and have picked up quite a few new people to teach, and they all seem pretty cool! We’ve been focusing on asking every single person for referrals, and have really seen the fruits of our efforts- We received and contacted 7 REFERRALS this week. (A lot of them were for English-speaking people, but still!) I’m excited to see the work explode here. It’s gonna be great.
One of the people I’ve gotten to meet this week is M. She is SO COOL. Sister Spencer and her last companion had been teaching her for a little while, when she got in a REALLY BAD car accident. Right now she’s still recuperating and can’t walk, but she and her 3 girls are SO great. She has so much faith in God and really wants to do what will bring her and her family closer to Him.
I love you all tons and hope to hear from you soon! Loves,
Sister Howell

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