SO another 6 weeks have gone by, and you know what that means- transfers!

The eternal companionship of Howell and Beck is getting broken up, and we’re both getting shipped out of Corona. They’re replacing us with Elders.
Sister Beck is headed to Menifee, which has a reputation of being ON FIRE (as far as the work goes) and of having some of the coolest members to hang out with.
I am going to Hemet, which has a reputation of having lots of crazy/old people and of nobody ever hearing of you again. Not in a creepy way, but it’s more like all the missionaries are like, “What ever happened to Elder/Sister so-and-so?” “I don’t know. Last I heard, they went to Hemet.” It also has a reputation of being ON FIRE, but mostly because it’s REALLY HOT there. Luckily the weather’s supposed to be cooling off finally… but people have been saying that for a couple of weeks.
My new companion’s name is Sister Spencer, and I’ve only talked to two missionaries who have even met her before. That’s because she’s fairly new and has been in Hemet her entire mission, probably. I’ve seen a picture of her (she has blond hair) and have heard that she has really good Spanish.
This week was kinda weird. We had a lot of people cancel their appointments on us. A LOT. We didn’t get very many lessons in this week. It was kind of a bummer.
This week, however, Sister Beck and I hit our 15-month mark! We decided to celebrate by throwing a quinceanera. For those of you unfamiliar with hispanic birthday traditions, a quinceanera is a BIG DEAL BIRTHDAY PARTY for a girl when she turns 15, with a giant ball gown, rehearsed dances, a huge cake… basically a wedding but for a 15th birthday instead. People go ALL OUT for these things. But since we are missionaries and are living on a tight budget, we decided to forgo a few things, like the ball gown. We went to the dollar store and got some birthday candles, balloons, tiaras, mini-Martinelli’s … everything you need for a high-class quince. We also got a cheesecake and made a fancy giant sugar cookie. It was the classiest quince I’ve ever thrown for myself.
Anyways, time’s pretty short due to transfers and everything, so I’ll call that good for now. Love you! Send letters porfas!
Hermanita Howee

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