65: A Full Week

This week was a week full of lots of things.

It was a week full of new goals and plans! We had a zone meeting, in which we talked all about our goals and plans as missionaries for the month of September. We have a new plan of attack to find new people to teach and to help those people to progress better and faster. We’re pumped and devoted to making our goals this month, and it’s gonna be AWESOME.
It was a week full of challenges. We had a lot of appointments fall through this week. And by a lot, I mean almost all of them. It’s frustrating and discouraging. BUT I know that it’s always darkest just before the dawn, or something like that. (Isn’t that in a song? I don’t even remember that stuff anymore.) God gives us trials to help us grow and test our faith so that we really appreciate the miracles when He gives them to us.
It was also a week full of miracles! One such miracle happened on Friday. We had an appointment set with A, and we REALLY wanted to get one of the Hermanos from the ward to come so that A would have friends at church. Well, we called just about everyone. They ALL had good excuses, like going to a mid-singles stake dance or going to a young men’s campout. We weren’t about to dissuade someone from such good activities! So Sister Beck received inspiration and said, “Let’s call Obispo (Bishop).” Then we did. And he said he could come with us! Yay! Then later, like 2 minutes before our appointment, A called us. People only call right before their appointment to cancel on us. So we didn’t answer, because we HAD TO SEE HIM! We said a prayer, hoping that he’d be home. We ran into A walking in the street toward his apartment, and he told us we couldn’t come over because his brother had a bunch of visitors over. So we just taught him on the side of the road with Obispo in the dark. It was awesome. A prayed right there about his baptismal date, and the Spirit was SO STRONG! We’re so excited for him. And it was so great that Obispo was there. He shared a strong, simple testimony about the gospel and how it blesses our lives. It was one of the coolest lessons I’ve taught.
It was a week full of service! We had the chance to help out with the Corona Multi-Faith service project on Saturday. People from a bunch of different churches came to help fix up the YMCA. We spent like 8 hours sanding and painting the stair railing, the fences, and the inside of a preschool/playground. We got to meet lots of people and just help out. I’m still a little sore from it though. Haha.
I love being a missionary. It’s the best. I won’t say that I’m loving every moment, because there are definitely moments that are really hard and I almost want to give up. BUT it’s so worth it because I get to see the miracles of the Lord every single day, and I get the chance to be His hands here as I share His gospel with His children here in Corona.
I love you tons!
Hermana Howell

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