64: Reaching your potential

Buenos dias, familia y amigos y todos! Good morning, family and friends and everyone!

Corona is HOT. Probably because I’m ON FIRE! Haha just kidding.
But seriously, Sister Beck and I are seeing so many miracles right now! We’re finding a bunch of cool new people to teach who are plain super prepared to hear about the gospel. It’s awesome.
This last week we also had multi-zone conferences, the first one we’ve had since President Mullen came. President had all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders help with some of the training, which is pretty cool. Unfortunately, neither of the two zones in Corona have STLs in them. So Sister Beck and I were designated as “back-up STLs” (not actually a thing- I just barely made that up) and were asked to train with the ZLs on 9pm daily planning. I was thrilled. Just kidding. I definitely wasn’t. Not exactly a fan of public speaking.
Anyways, as soon as I got over being upset about “having the opportunity” to train at multi-zones, we met with the ZLs and decided how to divide up the training. Sister Beck and I got to talk about focusing on our vision, goals, plans, and accountability.
You know how they always say that the person who teaches always learns the most about the subject? This definitely was the case. As Sister Beck and I studied and discussed the principles behind nightly planning, my testimony, especially of goals, grew exponentially.
We all have an infinite potential. We can become ANYTHING. We have the same potential as any other person- we’re all children of the same God. So why don’t some of us reach that potential? Why are some people “greater” than others?
It starts with our vision. We need to visualize what we want to be, what we want to become. As missionaries, our vision, our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ.
To achieve that vision, we need to set goals. Goals solidify our vision into something attainable. If we don’t set goals, we can’t achieve them, and we’ll never ever reach our full potential and become the “great” person God wants us to be. Preach My Gospel, the missionary handbook, tells us that setting goals is an act of faith.
As the Bible tells us, “faith without works is dead.” So we have to put some work into those goals. That’s where planning comes in. And making back-up plans. We have to do everything in our power to reach those goals. When we’ve done everything we can, that’s when God comes in and makes up the difference. D&C 123:17.
As we push towards our goals and put our plans into action, we have to be held accountable. And not just now. We’re going to give our accountability before the Lord one day, and we need to be prepared for that. He’s going to ask us what we did with our time here on earth, and we can either say, “I made goals and worked to reach my potential,” or “I watched Netflix.” I think I’d rather be able to say the former, personally.
Sorry my email is so preachy… I learned a lot this week and I just wanted to share it with you! I love you all tons and hope you’re doing well! I’d love to hear from you! Make good choices!
Sister Howell
ALSO, this is AWESOME!
Meridian Idaho Mormon Temple

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