63: Que quieres aprender? What do you learn?

I ran out of typing juice… so this’ll prolly be a shorter email.

This week we went on exchanges! Sister Beck went to Riverside with her ex-compa Sister Graham, and SISTER BOWEN came to hang out with me in Corona for the day! It was a blast to be back together with her again. We took East Corona by storm and had a lot of success, y ademas we had 4 Jack in the Box tacos each. I freaking love that girl. She’s an awesome missionary and I learned a lot from our exchange. My motivation fire got some gasoline thrown on it and now it’s a raging inferno. BOOYAH.
Our friend Antonio, who came to church last week, accepted a baptismal date for the beginning of September! Woohoo! He’s super cool. We taught him about the restoration, and he LOVED it! We’re seeing him again tomorrow.
We’ve also been working with Edgar, our recent convert, on his family history. We helped him find several names that he can take with him to the temple next month and do baptisms for the dead. It was super cool y me quede con ganas de look up more of my family tree as well! Something else to add to the list of things to do when I’m not a missionary anymore.
Church this week was great. (Even though none of our investigators came.) There was a speaker that talked about furthering our education and continually progressing. He asked a question that really stuck with me. “Que quieres aprender?” “What do you want to learn?” I realized that I can learn anything I want to… I just have to decide what it is and then just put in the effort and learn it. I started writing a list of things I want to learn… to dance, about psychology, how to cook all the delicious Hispanic dishes I’ve tried here. Then I asked myself, “what do I want to learn before I go home?” My time left as a missionary is super limited, and I want to make the most of it. So I’ve been thinking about that a lot. I still haven’t formulated my answer, but I’m working on it.
So what do you want to learn? DO IT!
Love you!
Sister Howell
​Also this week we helped an investigator make ceviche! It’s basically chopped up fish, tomatoes, onions, and cilantro with lime juice, eaten on tostadas. Yummy!

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