62: Chuggin’ along

It’s been another great week in Corona!

We’ve been seeing E almost every day since he got baptized. He’s doing awesome and we can see the difference that having the gift of the Holy Ghost has made. He’s so much happier and he’s not having as much difficulty with temptations of his past bad habits. It’s so great to see the blessings that people receive as they act on their faith and live the gospel. It truly is designed to bring happiness into our lives.
This week we’ve been focusing on finding new people to visit and teach. We’ve been talking to everyone we know and asking everyone if they know anyone that we can visit. We’ve even made a list of some people in our old records that missionaries have taught in the past and we’ve been trying to go see them as well. We’ve been trying really hard to work diligently with all the time we’re allotted, and we’re starting to see the miracles and blessings from it.
We had 4 of our people come to church this week, the first time in quite a while! One of them was A. We met him on Saturday and invited him to church. He said he’d love to come, but said he didn’t have a car. We told him we would find him a ride, but he told us he’d rather walk. (Church is a couple of miles from his home). He got to church right as the first meeting was starting, then stayed for all 3 hours! It seems like he enjoyed it and we’ll be able to answer his questions about it when we see him again this week.
Not a whole lot more to talk about this week… Love you all tons! Read your scriptures, say your prayers, and go to church!
Hermana Howell
Hna Howell and friend backside

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