61: Round 4 I guess

So it’s that time again… TRANSFERS! And guess what changed?

I’m staying with Sister Beck AGAIN. By the end of this transfer we will have spent 6 MONTHS as companions. Crazy stuff. Good thing we don’t hate each other. It was a huge surprise, to say the least.
BUT the best thing that happened was E’S BAPTISM on Saturday!
E has been seeing the missionaries for about 10 months now. He’s had a pretty rough past, and so he had some stuff that he had to overcome. I’ve had the opportunity to be here working with him for the last 3 months and I’ve seen such wonderful changes in his life.
Due to some stuff in his past, he had to write to the 1st Presidency of the Church to ask permission to be baptized. A few months ago, Sister Gates and I got to help him write his testimony and explain why he wanted to become a member of the Church. It was such a beautiful experience- the Spirit was very strong.
After that, we just had to wait to hear back. A couple of weeks ago, E’s permission came. We set up the baptismal date… and he got nervous. He wasn’t so sure anymore if it was what he wanted to do. He started checking out other churches as well and had fallen back into some bad habits. We kept visiting him and helping him resist the temptations that he has, reading and praying with him.
Last Saturday, he said he was ready again to be baptized. It’s been a long journey for him this far, and now he’s got the extra help from the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost to help him continue as he endures to the end and keeps progressing in the Gospel.
E is SO AWESOME. I’ve learned a lot from working with him and I am SO PROUD of everything that he’s done so far. He has helped me remember why I’m out here on my mission. His baptism was great- ALL the sisters that had ever taught him were able to come, and we sang “I know that my Redeemer lives.” The Spirit was so strong (even though I started off playing the wrong hymn on the piano- oops!)
Sunday we also had a WONDERFUL lesson in Relief Society. A, a recent convert of about 10 months just got assigned as a teacher. We helped her a little bit beforehand to prepare her class- she was so nervous! She kept talking about how she was going to use her pregnancy nausea as an excuse to just leave the class to hide in the bathroom. She’s so funny. Anyway, she gave a talk about the power to seal families in the temple and family history work. It was amazing. She talked about how excited she was to go and be sealed to her husband and her kids, and that she’d gained a testimony of family history and doing work for the dead while she studied the lesson. She said that her kids had been complaining that there wouldn’t be anyone left for them to do the work for since she was going to do it for her mom and her grandma and her great-grandma… it was so cute. I felt the Spirit so strong and I am SO excited for this family to be able to be sealed for time and all eternity in just a few short months.
I love you all tons! Write me if you have time!
Sister Howell

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