60: Temple, exchanges, and crossfit

Where to begin?! This week has been a very eventful one… I guess I’ll just tell you about it day-by-day.

Monday- We and the other Sisters here in Corona had a “Christmas in July” party. We drank sparkling cider, listened to Christmas music, and exchanged white elephant gifts. Which is code for “the old missionaries got rid of some of their old junk they’ve accumulated.” So Sister Beck and I supplied most of the gifts. Haha. I got a frisbee and 2 half-used bottles of lotion from a missionary that’s going home next week.
Tuesday- TEMPLE DAY! I’m so thankful for the blessing of being able to attend the temple. The peace that can be felt there is so profound and exactly what I’ve been needing these past few weeks. I’m so excited that when I do go home someday, I’ll be able to more regularly visit the House of the Lord.
IMG_0329[1] IMG_0325[1]
Wednesday through Friday- Pretty average days. We visited our 2 real investigators and a few newer people. There’s some real potential with a few of them! On Friday we had our Zone meeting and talked about our goals and the people we’re working with. We set a goal of 1 baptism for our companionship for the month… and we’ll be meeting that goal this weekend because of the miracle that happened on…
Saturday- Exchanges! I went back to Moreno Valley for the day with an English Sister Training Leader, while Sister Beck and the other STL stayed here in Corona. And they put our investigator, E, back on date!!! He was going to be baptized a few weeks ago, but at the last minute he changed his mind. He’ll be getting baptized on Saturday. I don’t have time to write his whole story now, but I’ll include it next week! Meanwhile, I was in Moreno Valley, in “Englishland.” It was kind of a bummer, since we couldn’t go see any of the members or people I taught while I served there last year. But I learned a lot from Sister Beagley and got to meet some English Sisters that I’d never met before. It was an interesting experience.
Sunday- We had a great lesson in Gospel Principles about the value of hard work. I learned a lot. We also had a great lesson with E in the evening and we planned out most of the details for his baptism.
Today- So you may have noticed that I’m sending this WAYYYY later in the day than usual. It’s because our mission president issued us a challenge/invitation last week…

Dear Elders and Sisters — During the recent mission tour Elders Maxfield and Moss kept referring to their “really old” investigators in their 60’s. Sister Mullen and I would kindly remind them that we were in our 60’s and that we did not feel really old. 😉 

I have challenged our assistants to see if they can keep up with a “really old” guy in a crossfit workout on Monday, August 4 at 8:30 am in the Grand Ave. cultural hall in Riverside. They have accepted the challenge. We have decided to extend this invitation to all those in the mission who want to participate and see if they can keep up with me. This invitation is for the northern part of the mission — all zones except Menifee, Lake Elsinore, Hemet and San Jacinto zones. We will hold a similar workout for the southern the part of the mission later in August.

A crossfit workout is one of endurance and not speed. It will last 20 minutes and be in ten, two-minute intervals with four exercises in each interval. I will demonstrate the exercises and we will warm up beginning at 8:30 am. We will be finished by 9:30 am for those that want to use the cultural hall for basketball. Please bring your workout gear. I will be following MTC guidelines — wearing garments beneath these clothes. Both Elders and Sisters are invited to participate. All companions not participating in the workout can cheer the participating companions doing the workout. I would also suggest that you bring a towel or exercise mat for one of the exercises.

If you have any questions, please direct them to Elders Moss and Maxfield.
Pres. Mullen (the “really old” guy)


It was SO FUN. I didn’t keep up (surprise), but it was a lot of fun seeing a bunch of my friends from all over the mission. We all hung out and socialized for a good while afterwards. Then us Corona Sisters (minus a few) went to the mall in Riverside to shop and had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Good stuff, I’ll tell you!
I love you all tons! Have a great week and write me letters to tell me all about it! ;]
Sister Howell

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