56: Feliz Cumpleanos, Estados Unidos! (Happy Birthday, America!)

Well a lot of things happened this week. Sister Beck and I worked really hard and we helped a bunch of people set a goal for a date to be baptized. We found some super cool new people and we’re excited to see them start learning more and come closer to God.

Tuesday was Canada day, and we didn’t do anything special. We did think of our Canadian friend from the MTC though, Elder Blomfield. I doubt he can receive telepathic messages though, so it wasn’t really anything special… except that Sister Beck and I decided that it should be an 80s day, so we dressed accordingly and took awkward pictures.
On Thursday we took our friend A on a tour of the church building so that he’d be more comfortable coming on Sunday. When we got to the chapel, I played the piano and we (Sister Beck and I) sang “Asombro me da” (I stand all amazed) and the Spirit was really strong. We testified of the Savior’s Atonement and how through Him we can repent and become clean through baptism. It was really cool.
Friday was the FOURTH OF JULY! This was a crazy day. We started the day off by meeting OUR NEW MISSION PRESIDENT, President Mullen. He seems really cool. It’s very exciting because he speaks SPANISH! That’ll be great since we have a few investigators that may need to speak to him. Also I just think it’s awesome when other people speak Spanish too. His wife was super sweet too- I’m excited to get to know and work with them more!
Later we had dinner with some of the other Sisters in our stake- pizza and cookies. After that we went home and ate more food, since our homeshare was having a huge barbeque party. We watched fireworks from their balcony- we could see like 6 different shows going on (from a distance). It was a good time.
Saturday, we helped clean the church. Then we helped clean an investigator’s house. Then we were REALLY TIRED so we showered and took a power-nap before going out and teaching people. We got to see S, one of our investigators who REALLY wants to get baptized. We’re going to try and get her started on the interview process next week so she can be baptized asap. Her cute little girls (8 and 5) gave us rings and draw us pictures all the time. They’re so adorable.
Sunday was as great as always! It was fast and testimony meeting, and several of the other sisters’ recent converts shared their testimonies of the Book of Mormon and the Church. It was so sweet. Then in Relief Society, we talked about the Word of Wisdom, and how it’s more than just avoiding certain things- we need to try to eat healthy too! It was good and I sure felt the need to repent and make some changes!
Love you all tons!
Hermana Howell
IMG_0295[1]80s Day
Sister Beck and I got matching Simba shirts at Walmart!
…and I’m not very good at “jumping” pictures.
We also found a big leaf. Sister Beck makes fun of me because sometimes I touch peoples’ plants while we wait for them to open the door. It’s not weird.
View for 4th of July fireworks

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