55: Bautismopalooza

This was a fun week. As I mentioned last week, I’m back with Sister Beck again! We’ve been partying almost as hard as we’ve been working. It’s been fun catching up on what’s happened in the 6 months since we were companions last time!

We picked up a former investigator named S… and she’s dead-set on getting baptized. She was talking about “when I get baptized” before we even asked her about it! There’s going to be a bit of a longer process about it, but we’re pumped for her. We even miraculously got in touch with one of the first Elders that taught her, who’s now living in New York. Way cool. Anyways, we’re hoping that she and her daughters and her husband will all soon be able to accept and become part of the true Church of Jesus Christ!
S also cuts hair, so we’re probably going over to her house today for Sister Beck to get a haircut.
Yesterday, Sunday, we attended two baptisms! One was of N, the daughter of some recent converts. She turned 8 a few weeks ago and a bunch of missionaries got permission to come to her baptism. It was very sweet- her dad got to baptize her. I also helped A, her older brother, prepare a little talk for primary about how priesthood ordinances bless his family. It was such a sweet experience, and it reminded me how thankful I am that I always have had a worthy priesthood holder in my home. You rock, dad. :]
Afterwards, we stayed for another baptism in one of the English wards. They needed a pianist, and I guess those are few and far between here. I’m also SO glad that my mom made me learn and practice the piano. It’s been such a blessing to me and I’m glad I have this talent that I can use to bless others as well. The baptism was really nice, too- it was a cute little Irish dad named D, and he bore his testimony after he got baptized. The Spirit was strong and I could feel how happy Heavenly Father was that His children N and D had decided to make a covenant with Him and come closer to Him.
I love you all!
Hermana Howell

bautismo de N
One of my many favorite families from MoVal gave a ride to some missionaries, so we got to say hi!

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