53: Following the Spirit and not getting chased by a dog this time

Howdy howdy howdy. (Like the shark in toy story when he steals Woody’s hat.) Como estan todos? (How is everyone?)

Things are really picking up here in Corona. The weird thing is that it’s a short transfer, so this is the last week before transfer calls on Saturday! We’ll have multi-zones on Friday, and then PRESIDENT AND SISTER SMART ARE GOING HOME!!!! D: Que triste. They’re such great people and we’re sure going to miss them!
But anyway, a lot of stuff happened this week too! We found some awesome and super prepared people to start teaching.
We’ve been trying to leave a blessing with this lady named R for a couple of weeks, but she’s always just on her way out when we get there. Well, this week we finally caught her at home and said the prayer with her. It was so powerful! The Spirit was so strong as we talked about her relationship with God. She said that she felt like she was pretty distanced from God. However, she knew that He’d never moved away from her, but it had been her own actions that caused that distance to form. We talked about how we can come closer to God as we make more time for Him and prepare to make covenants with him. She accepted the challenge to prepare to be baptized and make a covenant with her Heavenly Father.
We also found another guy named C. He actually requested missionaries to bring him a Libro de Mormon through Mormon.org, but somehow the referral was given to the English elders. So they texted us to tell us to go see him. We were running about an hour behind schedule one day this week and were about to go to a different appointment, but something (the SPIRIT!) told us we needed to go see C instead. So finally we made it over to his house to give him the Libro de Mormon that he requested. When we knocked on his door, he COULD NOT BELIEVE that we were there. He was so excited. He thought we weren’t going to come. When we gave him the Book of Mormon he almost started crying! He also accepted a date as a baptismal goal.
God really does prepare people to receive the gospel! He loves each and every one of us more than we can possibly imagine. Being a missionary and sharing this joyous message with the world is the BEST. THING. EVER.
Love you all!
Hermana Howell

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