51: Life’s just awesome.

Buenos dias!

It’s been a good, hard-working week! We had our zone meeting and have a lot of great plans for the month to help our investigators progress. We’ll be focusing a lot on finding new people and helping them to feel and recognize the Spirit. 
We’ve already seen miracles from this! When I first got here there were a lot of people in the “teaching pool” that had been taught for a long time but weren’t keeping commitments. Basically they just weren’t ready right now. So we’ve been “dropping” a lot of people- which is kind of scary because then WHO DO WE TEACH? But we just had faith that God would help us find someone who was ready to take their place!
And boy, has he ever! This week we found 3 new awesome FAMILIES that seem really genuinely interested. We’re so excited and thankful for this awesome blessing. God really does reward us when we exercise our faith in Him!
Also, my companion is awesome. Have I said that before? I feel like I say that about all my companions. I’ve been lucky and had only awesome companions. Que bendicion! Que milagro!
Anyway, Sister Gates rocks for SO MANY reasons. Mostly because she laughs at all my jokes. Haha. Also she’s so eager to learn and work hard and doesn’t get discouraged. She’s pumped up all the time about everything we’re going to do. I haven’t heard her complain about a single task. SHE’S SO AWESOME!
This week we had a special (not real) stake conference, where Elder Richards from the second quorum of the seventy came and spoke to us. (If you remember, he was the one that came and talked to us missionaries a couple months ago when I was serving with Sister Dicarolo in Moreno Valley.) He talked about faith and how it relates to repentance. It was a really good talk and I felt the Spirit really strongly.
Being a missionary is awesome. I love it. It’s SO HARD. But now that I’m figuring out how to “forget myself and go to work,” it’s turned into something wonderful. I’m just upset it’s taken me this long!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Howell
Pic from family letter this week:
Hermana Howell, Hermana Anderson, Hermana Baumgart, Duckies.

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