50: Corona is pretty much the opposite of Jurupa

No hay caballos ni gallos! No horses and roosters!

As I mentioned in my last email, I got moved last Monday to my new area, in Corona. It’s SO PRETTY here! When I heard I was going to Southern California, THIS is more what I pictured. It’s very green and not-dead compared to my last two areas!

My new companion is Sister Gates from St George, UT. She’s super sweet. She’s been out for about 7 months… and all of it’s been in this area. Which is crazy. I’ve only ever heard of one other missionary that stayed in her greenie area for 5 transfers (it also happened to be in this area, come to think about it). But anyways, Sister Gates is super great. She’s very sweet and excited to work HARD this transfer. We’re looking forward to seeing some great miracles in the next 4 weeks! (It’s a shortened transfer- the next one will be 7 weeks to make up for it.)

My new ward, the Del Rey ward, is a lot different than the other two that I’ve served in. In the sense that it’s not ginormous. Actually it’s pretty tiny. It was just a branch about a year ago.

Also, I’M NOT IN A BARN ANYMORE! We live in a “homeshare,” where members let us live in their house with them. Sister Gates and I share a nice little bedroom with bunkbeds. It’s SO nice- we don’t have to hoard quarters to do laundry either! Haha. The Gs are super nice people and I just love them already. They have a beautiful backyard with a pool that we put our feet in while we read our scriptures sometimes that overlooks the sunset in the evenings. They’ve also got a cute little Westie mix named Sophie that loves to have her tummy rubbed and play tug-of-war. She makes me think of Chester when he was a little more energetic and a little less old. Haha.

I’m also serving around some of my friends from MoVal! Sister Beck is in my ward, and Sisters Haycock and Hall and Elder Harrison are all in English wards in the stake. It’s been so cool to see some of the people that I’ve served around in the past. I’m also getting to know some new missionaries which is pretty great.

Hope you’re all doing great! Can’t believe this is my 50th email! Crazy right?

Love you!

Hermana Howell


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