46: Crazy Vincent from Scotland

I don’t really have a whole lot to report this week.
Thursday was Sister Baumgart’s birthday, so we celebrated by having some other sisters over for a “weekly planning party.” We had cupcakes, party hats, and Taco Bell. It was great.
Sister Baumgart and I have been working hard and seeing tiny little miracles every day. Que bendicion! The work’s moving along slowly but surely, and we’re doing our best to find those that are ready for this message and help them to act on the things we teach them.
As we search for more people to teach, we’ve found some VERY INTERESTING characters. People are just so interesting! Our favorite street contact this week probably has to be Vincent. He actually approached US and started talking. He recognized us as mormon missionaries and demanded that we tell him where the church was. He was a little bit frightening and a lot bit hilarious. He told us his whole life story in about two minutes, and then asked if he could have my nametag. I told him no. He was also fascinated that I was from Idaho- he said he lived there after coming to the US from Scotland in the 80s. Unfortunately he didn’t have the accent anymore. He didn’t come to church with us (I seriously doubt he actually speaks Spanish) but it was sure cool to get to talk to such an interesting person! haha.
On Tuesday, we got to have a “noche de hogar” or family home evening with the Cuiniche family. They’re so great! We watched the Testaments with them and they loved it. I just love this family so much!
On Saturday, we got the chance to help with a community service project for Mormon Helping Hands. We helped clean up and prepare a nature park for the upcoming “Duck Daze” event by spreading mulch, planting some native plants and weeding out all the non-native tumbleweeds. A ton of people from the stake came, as well as all the missionaries in the two zones here. It was a ton of fun and the park ended up looking awesome. It sure left us tired though!
Love you all tons and hope you have a great week! It looks like a good one is coming for me- I get to go to the temple this week! Yay!
Hasta luego,
Hermana Howell
PS- Sister Baumgart and I got matching nighties, and then decided that we were looking SO GOOD that we needed to have a photo shoot.
Image  Image
Hahaha! I love that they are wearing their tags! -Mom

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