43: Un translado mas en la Granja (A transfer more at the Barn)

Another 6 weeks has passed and that means TRANSFERS!
ImageHowell, Bowen, Hartling, Schmidt at the Barn a couple of weeks ago
I’m staying here, living in the Barn and working in Rubidoux. Sister Bowen is headed to Lake Elsinore later today, switching places with my new companion, Sister Baumgart. I don’t really know her, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about her! Just keeping my fingers crossed that she likes Jack in the Box tacos, too. Sisters Hartling and Schmidt are staying as well.
General Conference was INCREDIBLE. There were so many talks and moments that I felt were directed just to me. I’m so excited to read and listen and study even more these inspired words.
We’re still “finding” and trying to meet as many new people as possible right now. We’ve had some pretty cool lessons and felt the Spirit really strong, even with helicopters circling around and around to the point that it makes it hard to even hear ourselves testify!
These last two transfers with Sister Bowen have been CRAZY. Mostly because of the drastic changes to the companionship… like being put into a trio with Sister Hartling a week into the first transfer, and getting divided again with the arrival of Sister Schmidt two weeks ago. But I’ve learned SO MUCH about rolling with the punches and trusting that the Lord knows what he’s doing and who he’s putting where and with whom. I’ve seen miracles, I’ve laughed and I’ve cried- sometimes simultaneously, and I’ve made friendships that are going to last forever. We’ve eaten SO MANY TACOS and sung along to “Let it Go” at until we almost lost our voices, and practiced rolling our “rr”s until our tongues got tired. I love Sister Bowen LIKE CRAZY y la voy a extranar muchisimo. I’m honestly a little broken-hearted that we’re getting split up, but I’m also excited to work with Sister Baumgart.
Love you all tons! God loves you even more!
Sister Howell

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