42: Back to two

Another week has BLOWN by in Riverside, California… and another transfer! I can’t believe that this weekend will be the end/start of another transfer. The time really flies by! I have no idea what’s going to happen yet… I had some guesses, but they all kind of went out the window when Sister Schmidt came here last week.
Sister Schmidt is SUPER COOL. She was serving in Chile, but due to some medical stuff had to come back to the states for the rest of her mission. She’s really fun and seems to be a really awesome missionary. It sounds like she and Sister Hartling are working really well together.
Sister Bowen and I are working SO HARD. It’s been a “finding” week for us… since the area split when Sister Schmidt came, nearly all of the people we were teaching were actually in the other area. So we’ve been contacting potentials and former investigators and asking everyone for referrals. We’ve met a lot of interesting people this week for sure! Like L who has creeeeepy dreams and describes them as the most beautiful thing that ever happened to her. Haha. Anyways, Sister Bowen and I are taking Rubidoux by storm and eating ALL of the Jack in the Box tacos. (TWO FOR A DOLLAR! you can’t beat that.)
Today I’m a little late emailing because we went on an ADVENTURE this morning! We hiked Mt Rubidoux with most of the Sister missionaries in the stake. We also invited D (the girl that Sisters Bowen and Hartling and I have been teaching for a while) and some girls (S and A) from our ward and their mom. It was super fun… except poor S got sick halfway up the mountain and had to turn back. She hadn’t eaten that morning and the sun was beating down on her a little too much. So Sisters Bowen, Schmidt, and I helped her and her mom get back down to some shade before going back up the mountain.
The cross is what’s at the top of Mt Rubidoux
I’m SUPER excited about this weekend because it’s gonna be GENERAL CONFERENCE! I LOVE General Conference. I’m so excited to hear what God will tell us through His mouthpiece, the living prophet. We are so blessed to have this continued revelation and guidance from God- I look forward to learning a LOT from the general authorities and from the Spirit.
Love you all a ton!
Hermana Howell

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