41: “Hot Chocolate”

Don’t really have a lot of time to write this week- we had another Zumba class with the Sisters this morning, and we still need to do some grocery shopping and stuff.


Anyways, this week has been a good one. We managed to see a lot of people and work with the members a lot. 
Our most progressing investigator right now is R, C’s mom. C got confirmed on Sunday, and R is looking forward to being baptized this coming Sunday. They’re so sweet- every time we go over they offer us cookies and hot chocolate or something. They started talking one day about the new hot chocolate that they found that they LOVE, since they stopped drinking coffee. They offered us some and so C went to make us some while we taught R more about the chapter in the Book of Mormon that we’d just read. The “hot chocolate” was really good. After we finished, C showed us the package. It said “Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino Mix.” OH NO! Haha… we explained to C that it was STILL coffee- we even showed her on the ingredients list where it said “instant coffee.” The poor lady was SO embarrassed that she’d given coffee to her missionaries. She threw it right away and vowed that from then on she’d be making her OWN mixes from scratch. She’s incredible- she has SO much faith and is so dedicated to living the gospel. She just feels the Spirit and acts on it immediately. I have a lot to learn from her!
I just love the people I’ve met here. The members, the people I teach, the other missionaries… even the people we talk to on the street. We met an AWESOME lady the other night, walking back to our car after knocking on (the wrong) door to contact a “lost” family. Her name was PR. At first she scared us- she kind of came out of nowhere. But we went over and talked to her and she was SUPER COOL. She LOVES Jesus and has a TON of faith. She also has two nephews who served missions. Her friend, K, was there too, and to quote her, she’s very “into God.” They’re both super cool, but we had to refer them over to the English elders. 
I love my companions, too. We work hard, but we have a lot of fun, too. We jam to Disney songs in the car, flip around each others’ headrests just to be annoying, hide behind corners and jump out at each other… the shenanigans never end. We also came up with our “spirit animals” this week. They reflect how fearlessly we battle the Adversary. Sister Hartling is the bold Lioness, Sister Bowen is the majestic “Girl Stallion,” and I’m the tenacious She-Wolf.
Yeah, I dunno. We think we’re pretty funny.
Pues, esto es todo. Hasta la proxima! Well, this is it. Until next time!
Hermana Howell

President JUST called and told us that we’re getting a new missionary, and splitting up the trio. She’s going to work with Sister Hartling and cover Mira Loma and Eastvale, while Sister Bowen and I are in charge of the Rubidoux area. We pick up the new Sistertomorrow at 1. What?!
Mom: Will you still live in the barn?
Yeah. There are 2 bedrooms in the Barn. Right now we’ve got all the desks in one room and all the beds in the other. We’ll have to do some moving around here soon!

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