40: Halvsies

Yeah… this Wednesday I hit my 9-month mark. Halfway. I can’t believe it… it makes me so sad! The time is going by SO FAST and there’s so much I need to do and become before the time’s all gone. I keep having dreams that I get to the end of my mission and I can’t even remember the second half of it. It’s almost as freaky as the one I had my first transfer where my trainer got eaten by a werewolf.
Anyways, this week was a good one. The best part was that yesterday we had a bunch of baptisms! It’s so exciting when the people we and the other missionaries have been teaching and have come to love are finally ready to take that step of faith and make a covenant with their loving Heavenly Father. The Spirit is there so strong and we get to feel a small portion of the joy that God feels for these, His children, coming to Him.
The De Anza ward, where I’m serving now, had a TRIPLE BAPTISM last night! Grandpa C really felt the Spirit when he came for the C family’s baptism in February. We started teaching him a little bit after that, but it was difficult because he only came here for the weekends, and lived outside of our mission during the week. So we got in contact with some Elders in the other mission and passed him and his son over to them, and they’ve been teaching them since. Yesterday Grandpa was able to be baptized here and we got to meet the Elders. It was really cool- we’re so happy to see this family coming closer and closer together because of the gospel.
Cm is a lady we found a few weeks ago. (I think I mentioned her- we left a blessing and she accepted baptism immediately afterwards.) She wants to be sealed to her husband who passed away and wants to share what she’s learned with her family members and neighbors. She’s amazing. Her mom, R, is on track to be baptized next weekend, and we’re still working with her daughters, H and M, as well.
Elders Higgins and Baltazar also baptized the mom of one of their recent converts. I don’t know her story very well, but we’re so happy for her as well.
BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! We got a text earlier in the week from my previous companions, Sisters Beck and Juarez, saying that Z would be having her baptism on Sunday as well! So I got a member teamup and ran down to MoVal to see Z. If you remember, Sister Beck and I found her our first transfer together. Her mom’s less-active, but her grandma is an active member of the ward and Z had been to girls’ camp and stuff a lot. I was so happy to see her finally ready to trust God and take that step and begin receiving all of the blessings that He has had waiting for her. I talked to her little brother, A, as well, and he said he’d be getting baptized in two weeks. Z’s mom and her uncles were all there and it was so beautiful. I’m so happy for her and her family.
Love you all tons and I keep you in my prayers! Today is Sister Hartling’s birthday, so we’re going to the mall to celebrate. She keeps getting mad because Sister Bowen and I sent out a mass text to remind people to sing to her. It’s super funny.
Hermana Howell
our zone
Some ward members at the ward talent show:

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