37: Empieza translado numero 6 en el campo misional (Transfer Begins number 6 in the mission field)

That’s right- transfers have rolled around again, and I’m starting to get dizzy from how fast time is going by. I can’t believe it’s been 8 months since I left good old Idaho.

Anyways, Saturday was super tense as we waited for transfer calls to discover our fate. We received a HUGE shock when Elder Yeung (our District leader) called and said that I would be going to Moreno Valley, serving in the Valley View ward. I was a little dumbfounded- I served in MoVal for 6 months! And Valley View is an ENGLISH ward! Sister Bowen and Sister Hartling decided that the zone leaders were playing a joke on us (since we tried to make them sing with us in sacrament meeting), but Elder Yeung assured us that he was entirely serious, but said that he would call the ZLs and try to clear things up.
He called again a few minutes later and apologized- he’d misunderstood the other elders when they said that Sister Allen was going to MoVal. Elder Yeung is from Hong Kong and English is his second language… por eso. Anyways, I’m actually staying here in Jurupa with Sister Bowen and Sister Hartling for another transfer. (Which was also a surprise- we were SURE that we’d be split into two companionships and get someone else over here with us.) Another 6 weeks in a trio amongst the caballos! Yee-haw.
This past transfer has been great. There have been challenges- working in a trio, covering two areas, being in a trio, getting to know a whole new ward, being in a trio… just to name a few. But I’ve learned and grown SO much, and this next transfer will definitely be another opportunity to learn and grow. I love my companions SO much and I’ve learned a ton from each of them. They’re great missionaries.
Shoutout to my mom and dad on their SWEET vacation- not saying that I’m jealous (‘cuz I’m a missionary and there’s nowhere in the world I’d rather be right now) but I am just a little bit. Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun!
Hasta la proxima, (Until next time)
Hermana Howell

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