34: Curve ball

Some seriously crazy stuff went down this week!
On Monday we had a lesson with the Cuiniche family. It wasn’t a very organized lesson, kind of talking about their baptism that was coming up and answering some of their questions… and it came to light that THE PARENTS WEREN’T MARRIED. The missionaries have been teaching them since November, and we had NO IDEA. I imagine the look on our faces was pretty memorable. (The dad has joked about it repeatedly).
We talked about the procedure to get legally married so that they could be baptized, with going to the county office and getting the license and planning everything out with the bishop so he could marry them.
MIRACLE: The very next morning, the Cuiniches went to the county office and got the paperwork all figured out. They invited a bunch of family over as well as us and the bishop and the ward mission leader on Thursday and suddenly they were married. It just happened. They are such a wonderful family and they are so converted to the Gospel. They know it’s true and they’re ready to ACT on it. It’s so beautiful seeing the faith that they’ve grown. Their interview was on Saturday, and all four of them were baptized on Sunday. It was such a sweet experience to see this family make a covenant with their Heavenly Father and take these steps to return to His presence as an eternal family. I just love them so much!
I love being a missionary. I get to bring this happy message to everyone I meet and see their lives literally change right before my eyes. My faith has grown so much as I’ve had the opportunity to help others here that I’ve come to love to grow their faith and take steps to act on that faith.
Les quiero mucho!
Hermana Howell
PS. Biking isn’t working out so well. (No more accidents or anything- don’t worry.) We went out on bikes about every other day this week… It’s just not a very effective use of time. So we’re probably not going to be using the bikes that much anymore.
PPS. Fotos- The Twins
Cuiniche’s wedding
ImageCuiniche’s baptism
-I got to run back to MoVal to see the baptism of Consuelo, the wife of Bernardo (whom Sister Dicarolo and I taught and baptized.) It was such a sweet experience to see the family “completed” and united in the Gospel!

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