33: Bikes and more!

It’s been another fantastic week! I’m starting to get used to being in a new area and we’re seeing some great progress in both of our areas.
In Mira Loma/Eastvale, we didn’t start off with much of a teaching pool. But we’ve discovered a cool way to meet more people and get appointments with them.
Bikes are cool because you’re able to stop and talk to everyone much more easily and much less creepily than when you’re in a car. People are nicer to you and a lot less creeped out when you pull over on a bike and start talking to them than when you pull over in a car and roll down the window or get out and start talking to them. People also feel bad for you because it’s hot and hilly and you’re wearing a SKIRT, so they’re more likely to you or at least are more polite when they don’t want to listen.
I’m the only one of us that’s had any form of bike accident so far. It was embarrassing. I fell over as I tried to start riding uphill from a standstill, right in front of the guy we’d just finished praying with. But I just scraped up my knee a little bit and my skirt didn’t even get torn, so it’s all good.
We ride bikes every couple of days when we don’t have too many appointments spread too far out. I actually like it a lot!
In Rubidoux, we have a family that’s getting ready for baptism! They’re excited and we’re excited and they’re just SO READY. It’s amazing how the Lord always prepares people in His own time to receive the blessings of the Gospel. I’ve only known them a few short weeks, but I’ve seen a lot of growth and can see that this is finally the time for them. I already love them so much and know that this choice is only going to bring them more and more happiness!
Yesterday (Sunday) I got to go back to Moreno Valley for a baptism. A young man that Sisters Beck and Juarez and I found got baptized! It was a very nice baptism and it was good to see people from the Nuevo ward again. I really love Moreno Valley. I gave a short talk on the Holy Ghost, and people were shocked by my Spanish. I guess I haven’t really given a talk for a good long while… like since October or something, and my Spanish has definitely improved since then. I got a ride from the Relief Society president in MoVal, Hermana Perez. She said I needed to find a husband in California so I could come and live nearby. Haha I just love her. :]
Anyways, things are going great! I have two awesome companions and we’re all learning a lot from each other. The roosters don’t annoy me ALL the time, and it’s pretty cool stopping on my bike to talk in Spanish to a guy on his horse on the side of the road.
Recuerden que Dios los ama siempre- no importa sus circunstancias o sus decisiones. El SIEMPRE ama a nosotros y tiene bendiciones preparadas para darnos cuando las meritemos. Remember that God loves you always, no matter their circumstances or their decisions. The ALWAYS loves us and has blessings prepared for us when ?   Google translate = confusing sometimes! 😉
Con muchisisimo amor,
La Hermana Howell
Sometimes we play with our letter magnets on the fridge… sometimes we act our age… not always at the same time though.
The Barn
Some of our neighbors

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