31: Fare Thee Well, MoVal

Well, after 4 transfers (roughly 6 months) in Moreno Valley, I’m being sent to a new area- the “La Sierra” zone in Jurupa (Hoo-roo-pah). The home I’m assigned to live in is commonly known among missionaries as “the barn.” Probably because that’s what it is. I’m super excited though- I’ve heard it’s awesome (even if the roosters are noisy.)

Anyways, my last week in MoVal has been awesome. We helped several investigators recognize their answers from God that they’re ready for baptism and set dates to aim for. It’s so exciting seeing these people I’ve come to love progress towards receiving all the blessings their loving Heavenly Father has prepared for them.
We also had exchanges with some of the English Sister Training Leaders on Thursday (we live with the Spanish STLs and one of them trained me so exchanges with them would be silly.) to Norco. Also known as Horse Town, USA. There are probably more horses there than people. I spent the day amongst the horse people with Sister Bateman, from Kuna. We spent forever trying to figure out how we knew each other, because we agreed that we had definitely seen each other before. But alas, we never figured it out.
I also did a cool thing and accidentally took our cell phone with me in my bag. BUT it made for a cool miracle when the sisters went to use an hermano’s phone and taught an awesome lesson to his nonmember wife. I think taking the phone with me was inspiration and not just me being dumb.
That evening, I discovered that there is no escaping Spanish-land, even on exchanges. We went to their ward’s RS activity… where they were learning to make tortillas. It was way fun though, and I got flour and dough all over me.
Friday, one of the English sisters got sick so we weekly planned at their homeshare and left Sister Juarez with her while we went to some appointments that we’d already set up. We went to the T’s house to pick up Hermana for an appointment with her friend, and guess who was there? B! The sweet old man that Sister Dicarolo and I baptized in September! He and his wife had just gotten back the night before from Mexico. It was such a happy reunion- I can’t believe how much I’ve come to love so many people here.
Church was sad and great at the same time. Sister Dicarolo and I both shared our testimonies in Sacrament meeting- her mission is over and she’s heading home to Italy. It was hard saying goodbye to a lot of these people and I promised over and over to come back to visit someday. I really do love it here in Moreno Valley. I’m excited to go to Jurupa and come to love it just as much!
Hermana Howell
          making tortillas in Norco
our zone
          Once upon a time I left my camera and sunglasses in the car before lending it to the Elders. This is one of about 25 selfies that Elders Blomfield and Romero left on there for me.

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