29: Feliz Navidad!

This week was CHRISTMAS! It was so great!

On Christmas Eve, we had a HUGE Christmas party with all the missionaries in the mission. They all came here to the Moreno Valley stake center and we had a talent show and lunch with ham and salad and other good things. A bunch of the sisters in our zone (plus a few elders) put together a missionary rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas that everyone loved. The best part though was seeing all my friends and talking to other missionaries. Afterwards Sister Beck and I went home and made some treats to take to some families in the ward.
 All our friends from our MTC District! Sister Graham is the only one not in Mo-Val right now, though.
Elder Blomfield lives across the street from us.
Me and Sister Seiola at the Christmas party (that I forgot to take my camera to, so Sister Beck covered me).
Christmas Day we slept in until 7:30!!! Haha. Then we opened packages from our families (and the SWEET girly Nerf guns we bought for each other) and went to another family’s house to hang out for most of the day. We played Monopoly and had Peruvian hot chocolate, and then we got to Skype our families! It was so great to see them, especially Trevy out on his mission in Kansas! I was glad to see that everyone was having a super Christmas. :]
Sister Beck and I got a phone call from President Smart last night, with a late Christmas present… We’re getting a new companion tomorrow! Hermana Juarez is coming because she was mis-assigned to the 6-week language learning program in the MTC, but she’s coming out now since she already speaks Spanish. We’re super excited to welcome our new “daughter!” We just need to rearrange the apartment a little bit to make room for her. Haha.
As far as investigators go, they’re all progressing… slowly. It’s so hard to get them to see the importance of coming to church! BUT the schedule is changing in the new year from 9 am church to 11:30, so that should make things a little easier, at least for some of them. 
We taught some of our investigators, Raul and his daughter Jacky, the Word of Wisdom this week… right before Christmas and New Year’s. BUT they accepted it with open arms! And they were joking about babysitting each other about it, too. They’re so great and have so much desire to do the right thing and follow Jesus Christ.
I really love the people here. The members, the investigators, the other missionaries… I just love being where I am right now. (Especially since the weather is so much warmer! Haha.)
Love you all!
Hermana Howell
PS- Yesterday at dinner I got Hermana Diaz to teach us how to make pupusas and tortillas! I’m excited to eventually make them for my family when I come home!

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