26: Cumpli 21 anos! Ya siento viejita. (Google translate: Now I feel old lady.)

I turned 21 this week! Super weird. Haha. Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes!




There’s a member in our stake that has all the missionaries in MoVal come to his house for breakfast the first Saturday of every month, and everyone sang to me there. It was great and super awkward. (Isn’t that the best part of birthdays? Sitting there while everyone in the room is singing at you and you’re all “Who am I supposed to look at? Should I sing too? Is the song almost over? Oh nope, they’re singing ALL the Primary songs…”)
Later a member took us out to lunch at Polly’s Pies and bought us a pie to take home and eat later.
It was a pretty good birthday. :]
I also did some missionary work this week. Haha.
Zoya and her little brother Anthony are progressing… even though they didn’t come to church OR to the Christmas broadcast. Their mom is an inactive member and their ride. We just need to help them get out the door in the mornings. They’re learning a lot and are so READY… except that they don’t FEEL ready. We just need to get them excited about taking this step. They have a baptismal date for the 17th (Zoya picked it) but are starting to get a little bit of cold feet.
We also have been teaching a guy named Francisco. He’s a friend of a member in one of the English wards that some of the Elders referred to us. He’s super great and loves everything we teach him. He has such a strong faith and feels the Spirit very strongly. Unfortunately his family isn’t very supportive. They tell him “You’re already old. Don’t you already know what church you belong to?” He’s said his wife and mother-in-law are being particularly difficult. We’re going to focus this week on finding him some really good fellowshippers.
We found a new family this week, Rocio and Chris. They lost a son to a car/bike accident about a year and a half ago, and have a lot of questions. We’ve started teaching them about the Plan of Salvation and hope we can teach with the Spirit and help them find the answers they desire and the peace of the Savior and that we can help them overcome this trial and prepare themselves that they can be reunited with their son after this life.
I’ve come to realize more and more how much love God has for each one of us, His children. He is so aware of us and our needs and longs to help us and bless us. All we need to do is reach out and take His ever-outstretched hand and trust in Him and in our loving Savior, Jesus Christ, in order to allow Them to help us and bless us in this journey through life. I’m learning how my purpose right now is to help people know how to take those steps of faith that will allow God to pour out His blessings upon them, and as I exercise more faith in this work, I’m blessed as well.
I love you all so much!
Sister Howell

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