25: Feliz Dia de Accion de Gracias!

What a fun week we’ve had! It’s been a little tricky getting lessons though, since everyone and their dog has had family over for Thanksgiving. We did find some new investigators and got back in contact with one that we kind of “lost,” so it was a great week. :]

ALSO we had Thanksgiving this week! The ward mission leader, Hermano Rivera, and his family invited us over. If you remember, I taught and baptized his stepdaughter, Rocio, with Sister Dicarolo. It was great to see her and her ADORABLE daughters again. Sister Beck and I spent most of the dinner singing Old Macdonald and the Eensie Weensie Spider with them and letting them put stickers on the back of our nametags. They’re so freaking adorable! Both of us forgot our cameras, but luckily Hermano got one and we had him send it to us.
Then on Saturday, Hermana Salas had us come over and do “service” for her. We helped her set up and decorate her Christmas tree! It was so much fun- also, she has more Christmas decorations in her house than I’ve ever seen in any one place. It was SUPER festive! Haha. She turned on all the lights and music for us too. Hermano said all the decorations scared him because there was always something moving just out of eyesight.
Sunday was Testimony meeting, which is my FAVORITE in this ward. Everyone is so excited and willing to go up and share their testimonies of Jesus Christ and the restored Gospel.
We also got to visit Mayra, our recent convert, a few times this week. I just love her SO MUCH! We talked about getting a temple recommend to go do baptisms for the dead and taught her how to have family prayers every night before her girls go to bed. She has such firm faith that God will provide for her what she needs. She is such a strong and wonderful person. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to get to know and love her like I have!
This was also the last week of the transfer, which means… CHANGES! Kind of. I’m staying here with Sister Beck- which is awesome. I was crossing my fingers for that one. Elder Higgins is leaving so Elder Romero will be our new District Leader. His companion will be… ELDER BLOMFIELD! Our friend from the MTC! We’re super excited to see him again. This should be a super fun transfer. 😀
Love you all tons!
Sister Howell
Also here’s a picture of our favorite street demonstrator.

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