23: I memorized a Christian CD in Spanish

This week’s been a little harder. We’ve been having a hard time seeing any of our investigators; they cancel appointments, don’t answer their phones, and are never home when we just stop by. It’s pretty frustrating. And the one investigator we’ve been teaching since before the beginning of the transfer doesn’t seem to have much of a desire to progress anymore. But we’re trying our best to keep busy and find more people to teach.

We did find a big group to teach earlier in the week. We had left a blessing with a lady (Lucy) and her niece, and came back later to teach a short lesson. When we came back, there were 6 family members and roommates that all lived there too that sat in on the lesson and asked for copies of the pamphlet that we left. Unfortunately Lucy is going to Mexico for a week and we won’t be able to see her for a while. We’ll try to go and teach some of the others though while she’s gone!

The weather here is starting to cool down quite a bit. It’s still nothing on an Idaho winter, but I’m glad I’ve got my sweaters! It’s still kind of trippy to see people’s Christmas decorations going up next to the palm trees and fruit trees in their front yards. The leaves don’t change colors here at all- the few that are falling kind of just die and drop off. Haha.
Sister Beck and I got a Spanish Christian CD from the Elders that are serving in our ward with us. I have most of it memorized. We jam out to.”No me daba cuenta” and “Aceptame como ofrenda de amor.”  “I did not realize” and “Take me as an offering of love” (Not sure if those are the actual titles, but they’re lines in the songs. Haha.)
Attached are some incredibly attractive pictures of me and my companion being awesome missionaries.

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