22: Cheese ball and Vicky


All of the sisters in the Riverside CA missionImage

Well it’s been another week already! Crazy how time goes by so quickly!

Sister Beck and I celebrated our 1/4 mark (4 1/2 months!) this week by eating a cheese ball with crackers and we had tiny little bottles of Martinelli’s. Then we rocked out to some Spanish music that one of the Elders gave us. We missionaries party hard.
Anyway, there have been some awesome miracles this week. We visited a lady we talked to in the parking lot of the Hispanic market down the street from our apartment who had said we could come by and leave a blessing with her and her family. Her name is Vicky. (Maybe that’s short for Victoria? It doesn’t sound very Hispanic.) We left the blessing with her and the Spirit was SUPER strong. She really felt it and she said it was something she wanted to feel more in her life. She said she knew some people from our church- including Lilia, the mom of Mayra, our recent convert! She said she’d invited her to church a few times, but she’d never been able to come. But she said she would come next week! AND she has a van and said she’d give Lilia a ride so that she can find her way to the church! This is SUCH an answer to our prayers! We keep finding more and more people in that very neighborhood who need a ride to church. We’ve been joking for weeks about finding and converting someone with a big van to give everyone else a ride to church. Haha. Anyway, we are SO excited to keep teaching Vicky. We just had our second visit with her last night and after we introduced the Book of Mormon and gave her a chapter for “homework,” she asked what someone needs to do in order to get baptized. So we taught her lesson 3 and the Spirit was SUPER strong again. She’s been SO prepared by the Lord for us to come and teach her. She asked us if we could come by again tonight. We think she’ll accept a baptismal date tonight! She also has a 9-year-old son who could get baptized with her! We haven’t met the husband yet- he works a lot. Hopefully we can meet him soon!
Anyways, I love you all SO much and I’m so glad to be here in Moreno Valley, helping people come closer to God and feel more of the love He has for them!
Sister Howell

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