21: Halloween, Temple trip, and lots of “finding”

Deryk was excited this morning because she was going shopping at the “ghetto mall” with her new companion. She and Sister Beck were in search of California sweatshirts. =] 

Good morning, friends and family! Lots of stuff happened this week.

For Halloween, we missionaries had to be done with missionary-ing at 6. So we went to the stake center and watched Ephraim’s Rescue (kind of a sequel to 17 Miracles.) It was a pretty good movie… I think. It’s hard to say when all you’ve watched for 4 1/2 months is The Testaments. Haha. But actually it was good. And I realized during the “romantic” scenes that my mission is making me super awkward. Oh well. After the movie the elders (who were sitting on the floor of the gym- us sisters were on the stage) turned around and sprayed us with silly string. It was pretty funny.
Then on Friday we went to the Temple! It was so great. I love the peace that can be felt only in the House of the Lord.
Mayra was confirmed and received the Holy Ghost yesterday. It’s so wonderful to see how far she’s progressed since we met her.
As far as lessons go… there haven’t been a ton. Since we split the area a little while ago, we’ve been trying our best to find Spanish-speaking people on our side of Moreno Valley who are ready to hear about the restored gospel. We’ve found several promising people, whom we’re hoping to be in contact with this week. A lot of our appointments cancelled, so we had a hard time getting lessons with members present. But we’ve praying hard and exercising our faith that the Lord will help us to teach the people He’s preparing to receive us. Because of that, we had a few lessons miraculously kind of just “happen” during dinner appointments with members and their family members who aren’t members of the church. We’ve asked everyone we talk to, members, street contacts, and investigators, if they know anyone who would like us to visit, and we’ve gotten several great referrals. I know that God’s in charge of this work and that He’s guiding it. As we exercise our faith and pray for and expect miracles, they WILL happen- because God LOVES His children and wants to give them SO MANY blessings. And the greatest blessings we can receive come only through a strong, personal relationship with Him and His Son, and through the restored gospel.
I really love this work and I love the people here so much. The ward members are so awesome and excited about missionary work.
I love you all so much!
Sister Deryk Howell



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