20: Crazy Sunday



First, a pic of Deryk with her roommates from last transfer: Sister Dicarolo, Sister Boyd, Sister HaycockImage

This week has been a long string of adventures! I’m companions with my friend from the MTC, Sister Beck, and we’re having lots of fun!

Our first day together, we had to go to the office in Riverside to pick up another car and area book and phone and pretty much everything, because we split the area. Then we realized after the other sisters left that we didn’t have a GPS so we asked for directions to get back home to MoVal… and got lost. We made it back just before P-day ended at 6. (So if you were expecting a letter in the mail last week that never came, that’s why.) Moral of the story: Don’t ask directions from a Wal-Mart pharmacist. They’re just glorified drug dealers. Haha.
Since we split the area, we don’t have as many people we’re teaching right now, so we’re 110% in “finding mode.” We’ve been talking to a lot of people just on the streets and stuff and so we’ve met some interesting characters. There was our new friend, the 80-year-old Philipino karaoke star who invited us to come talk to people at the night club/casino. He was super nice, but we decided to turn him down on the offer.
Yesterday was CRAZY. It was stake conference, and none of our investigators came. Boo. But the theme was missionary work, which was awesome. Then that evening we had Mayra’s baptism… and EVERYTHING went wrong. We were out of sheets to print the program on. The person giving the opening prayer couldn’t come. Mayra needs to have two different cars to go pick her and her family up, because she has 4 little girls and her mom to bring. One of the rides couldn’t go, so we had to find her a different ride. THEN we had to find a ride for her neighbor that we’ve been teaching, Susy. Susy and her ride couldn’t find each other so she just didn’t end up going. As we were taking pictures, another Elder came and told us that the font was draining and we needed to refill it, so Sister Dicarolo gave a lovely talk about baptism, shouting over the roar of the water pouring into the baptismal font. I was SO STRESSED OUT.
But then I looked over at Mayra in her white jumpsuit, and she looked SO HAPPY. Despite the roar of the refilling font, and her little girls climbing all over her, she looked so peaceful and happy. I was overwhelmed with a sense of peace and I knew that all of those things just didn’t matter. Mayra was getting baptized. She was exercising her faith and taking that step to enter the path that leads to eternal life with her Heavenly Father who loves her SO MUCH. I cried through most of my talk about the Holy Ghost and bore my testimony of the peace that He brings into our lives, and the love God has for each of us. It’s definitely going to be a day I’ll never forget.
I love you all so much and hope you all know how important you are to your Heavenly Father. He is absolutely aware of what you’re going through and He is always there to give you the support and comfort that you need. I know that Christ lives, and His greatest desire is to heal us.
Con muchisimo amor,  (With a lot of Love,)
Hermana Howell

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