19: Technically not a greenie anymore

Yep. I’m done with my 12-week training and I’ve flown from the nest. Sister Dicarolo is no longer my companion. She got called as the new Sister Training Leader (so she goes on transfers with the other Spanish Sisters and helps them out with any problems and reports to President etc, etc.) She’s excited to be with her new companion, a native speaker. She thought that’d never happen since she pretty much speaks like a native herself. They’re staying here in MoVal.
As for me… I’m staying here in Moreno Valley, too! I’ll still be in the same apartment and ward as my trainer, but we’ll be splitting the area. There are now going to be 6 missionaries in the ward here (2 sets of sisters and one set of elders)… lots of work to do! The bishopric is super excited.
And my new companion is… Sister Beck! From my district in the MTC! I’m SO excited- we’re gonna have a ton of fun. (and do work. Fo sho.)
Story time- there’s a recent convert of about a year that has a hard time coming to church and stuff because her husband and daughter that she lives with are SUPER unsupportive. Like, they’re super rude and chase out missionaries and members who come to visit her. It’s sad. BUT there was a day that they were gone, so she invited us and a few of her friends and her other (not jerky) daughter, Myra, to come over for lunch. We set up appointments with Myra and another one of the friends to leave a blessing on their home. (In the form of a prayer. We still don’t have the priesthood or anything.) Honestly, our first impression of Myra was that she was really negative and wouldn’t be receptive. It was kind of hectic because she’s there by herself with 4 little girls- the oldest is only 6. BUT she said we could come back and talk some more. The next time we came, things had turned almost completely around. She was SO much happier and the home just FELT better. She’s progressed really fast and after her first Sunday last week, she told her mom she wanted to get baptized! She’s getting interviewed this Wednesday and her baptism is scheduled for this Sunday. It’s amazing what a difference the Gospel makes in people’s lives, even in such a short time.
Yesterday we had the baptism of Brittany. Her dad baptized her as his first act as a priesthood holder. It was so sweet and the Spirit was SO strong. As I watched I felt very strongly that the gospel of Jesus Christ is FOR FAMILIES. God loves us so much and that’s why we have families. I know it’s through our families that we find the greatest joy, because relationships with others that are built on love are the MOST fulfilling thing we can have in this life. God knows that and He wants us to be happy like that FOREVER. The Gospel strengthens these special relationships and gives us the opportunity to have them last for all eternity. I am so thankful for the blessings that I have received from having a family that’s been sealed together for time and eternity. I’m so glad to know that no matter what happens here on earth, I have the ability to be with the people I love the most forever.
I love this Gospel and I’m super excited to keep sharing it with the Spanish-speaking people of Moreno Valley!
Hermana Deryk Howell
TOTALLY forgot to include a pic from Brittany’s baptism! And I even brought my camera this time! This one’s the only one with the whole family. (Her little brother Max is a funny kid, btw.)

IMG_0109[1] (1)


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