17: Conferencia General

This week seemed really long to me… probably because I was looking forward to Conference so much! Haha. I had some good questions prepared that I was super excited to get the answers to by listening to the Prophet and Apostles of the Lord! I’ve got some good studying and praying to do now to figure out how best to apply what I learned.

We watched all 4 sessions in the Stake Center, and several of our investigators came! T___ and B____ stayed for BOTH sessions on Sunday! We feel like at least T____ is getting close to accepting a baptismal date. E____ came too… but he’s technically not our investigator anymore. We handed him over to the Elders in one of the English-speaking wards because it’ll be better for him. It makes us kind of sad… we’ve been teaching him since August and we’ve got a good relationship with him already. He’s got a baptismal date for the 20th and he just honestly wants to follow God. He is just SUCH a great kid.

We also started teaching another girl who JUST turned 9. I’m not really sure why she wasn’t baptized before… but anyways she’s considered a “convert baptism” now and has to take the missionary discussions first.

I’m starting to trust myself more and more and seeing that I’m being guided by the Holy Ghost. This week we went to visit an investigator who told us that she would rather stick to going to her Catholic church because all the new stuff the English Elders had taught her just confused her (it made me so sad… I know if she’d listened to us a little and exercised a particle of faith the Spirit could testify of the truth of our message to her, and of the blessings that she could receive. Maybe right now just isn’t her time though.) ANYWAYS so we didn’t have anything else to do… so Sister D_____ told me to find someone in the area book to go visit. I flipped through the teaching records of former investigators a couple times and had NO idea what to do… so I said a prayer and asked for guidance before flipping through again. One of the names stood out to me and so we went and visited S_____. We’re not sure if she’ll progress, but we feel like we needed to be there that day. She said she’d been thinking about the Mormons again and that she’d been praying. I’m confident that we were there as an answer to those prayers. :]

Pues, los quiero mucho y voy a escribir otra vez en la semana que entra! (Well, I love them and I will write again next week!)

Hermana Deryk Howell


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