Week16: Beetles cure diabetes

Goodness. This week seemed to last forever and a half. Even though it was pretty much like it was a day shorter because of the postponed p-day last week… it was just a LONG week. Not sure why though.

Anyways, I think I’ll talk a little about my roomies this week. Sister D______ and I share an apartment with the Sister Training Leaders, Sisters B____ and H_____. Sister B_____ is from Maryland and Sister H______ is from Bountiful, Utah. Before their missions, Sister B___ was an elementary school teacher and Sister H____ worked for the Color Run and traveled all over the place for that. They’re a lot of fun to live with and they’re super funny. We all pulled our mattresses into the living room last night and had a sleepover. We watched the Testaments and played cards until bedtime. :]
I’m going to try to attach a video I took last week at a members’ home. Their grandpa (B_____- the one we baptized in September) swears by the health benefits of these little beetles. There’s apparently a program where you take them like medicine every day and they cure diabetes. (Day 1- 1 beetle. Day 2- 2 beetles. All the way up to day 75. Then you go down again until you hit 1. If you do it right, your diabetes is gone!) The trick is you have to count just right and you have to swallow them alive. GROSS.
Anyways, we talked Elders M___and H____ (the other Spanish missionaries in our zone) into each eating one of them. (It wasn’t actually that hard.) They almost talked us into it too, actually. Anyways I got a video of them eating bugs. You can see the beetle climbing around on Elder M____’s tongue. Elder H______ cheated and just inhaled it. Haha.
Well, this week should be good- we’re starting it out with a zone nerf war this afternoon. It should be a blast. 😀
Love you tons!
Sister Deryk Howell
PS- I included the promised picture from J____’s baptism 😀 Also some of us messing around with an Elmo hat.
PPS- I’m having a hard time getting the video to upload. I’ll try sending it separately.
PPPS – She must not have been able to download the video. =/

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