Week 15: Toque el piano (Play the piano)

Well hola todos! Hello all!

P-day’s a day late this week because yesterday we had a multi-zone conference with a visiting General Authority, Elder Richards. I learned a lot from him and from the Spirit about how to be a better missionary.

I also played the prelude music and the opening hymn. I didn’t screw it up too much so I guess it was okay. It was by no means perfect though… I miss being able to practice every day. BUT I’m doing other crazy cool stuff right now as a missionary and I’m happy to be where I am! (Even though there’s no piano in the apartment.)
One of the poor Sisters in our zone has been pretty sick. She’s from Micronesia and came in the same time as me (July 30), but hasn’t been feeling well. This Friday she went to the hospital to find out what the problem was, but they can’t figure it out. They only just let her out yesterday. The Sister Training Leaders have been switching out with her companion at the hospital so she could come to our apartment and sleep and shower. I feel so sorry for both of them. Hopefully everything se arregla soon. is arranged (I CAN’T think of the term in English. I consider that a good thing, I guess. Same thing happened in a lesson the other day during a prayer. Haha.)
We also had a baptism this Sunday- J____, whom I mentioned last week. Filling out the paperwork for his membership record was interesting. He’s living with his grandma, and nobody seems to know when he was born. He just turned 11 or 12, but nobody’s really sure. He’s a smart kid and was really happy after his baptism. It was great and some of his cousins and other family members are showing some interest as well.
We also taught a lesson yesterday to a couple who just showed up for the last hour of church on Sunday. The wife is a member, but hasn’t been active for a good while. They’re super prepared by the Lord and looking for a closer relationship with Him. We’re seeing them again tonight and we can’t wait!
We’re seriously teaching so many great people and I couldn’t ever include everyone. There’s E_____ who we read the Book of Mormon with every week with a less-active family that he’s good friends with, who’s praying about baptism and we’ll see him tomorrow. There’s B____ and T_____ who are some awesome sweet girls who love having us over and learning more and come to church every week… I could go on and on. I’m so excited for all of them and to see them progress more this week!
Love you all!
Sister Deryk Howell
PS Thanks, Mom, for the package! The shirts and jackets have added some much-needed variety to my wardrobe! And the sheet music came in time both for the meeting on Monday and to play some prelude for J____’s bautismo!
PPS I was going to include pictures but left the camera at the apartment- It’s in my purse. Which I don’t have with me because it’s P-day and I don’t bother with 20,000 pounds of scriptures on P-day and just carry my wallet. Oops. Next week, I promise. I even have a video of some of the Elders eating bugs that are supposed to cure diabetes. They almost talked Sister D_____ and I into eating them too.
PPPS- Also I went on exchanges for the first time on the 19th- my 3-month mark! It was fun except all the appointments cancelled and I had to come up with what we were going to do instead. We still managed to teach some lessons though and I learned a lot!

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