Week 14: Apparently I’m 16

Hola mis amigos y familiares! Hello my friends and family!

MoVal is still crazy hot. It’s gone down a few degrees though and hopefully it starts to cool off more. People say it gets “really cold” here in the winter, but a lot of them don’t even know what snow is so I’m not all that concerned.
So my Spanish is getting better and better! I’ve had several native-speakers (investigators and members alike) tell me that I speak very well. It’s given me a good confidence boost that I’ve been needing. I had a conversation on my own with someone on Sunday without my companion and I felt like a superhero. It’s awesome seeing how far I’ve come since I entered the MTC almost 3 months ago. I think I’m well on my way to being fluent. Yay!
To temper my confidence boost, everyone’s been asking how old I am, and EVERYONE says that I look like I’m 15 or 16. A (drunk) investigator shook my hand as we left yesterday and said, “Bye, Baby-face!”
I’ll probably consider this a blessing when I’m 30.
Anyways, here’s a story.
Once upon a time a member gave us a referral for someone she works with, so we went to visit her. She’s an older lady who has several of her kids living with her and a slew of grandkids. She said she had baptized several of her kids, but couldn’t remember if she’d been baptized.
Haha so we had to search for her records to find out if we needed to baptize her. Turns out she was baptized already in Sinaloa, Mexico. Now we’re teaching her 11 year old grandson J____ and he’s scheduled to be baptized this Sunday. He’s a really smart kid.
We’re also teaching a girl from a part-member family. She’s 24 and has two cute kids. Her husband is a member, but super inactive. They live with his family- his mom used to be the RS president. She’s just super ready now. She’s heard the missionaries before, but we kind of just clicked for her. She came to the ward activity on Friday and liked it (which is good, since there’s been drama with ward members in the past). She couldn’t come to church though. I think she said her sisters would be visiting. We’re going to see her tonight and follow up on that.
By the way- the ward activity was SUPER cool. They had a Noche Cultural- with dances and songs and food from everyone’s different countries. It was awesome and a ton of the ward members brought their friends and a bunch of our investigators came. It was great. And I forgot to take my camera to it which is a huge bummer because it was SO COOL. The whole ward got really into it.
Anyways, hasta la proxima semana! until next week!
les quiero mucho, I love you,
Hermana Howell (pronounced “Oh well” with an optional “s” at the end.)
PS- Next week we’re having a General Authority visit and talk on Monday, so I’ll have P-Day and email on Tuesday. Also President Smart asked me to play the piano for the meeting, which is pretty cool. (60 missionaries and a General Authority. No pressure.)

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