Week 10: Double digits baby!

Hola amigos y familiares! Como estan? (Hello friends and family! How are you?)

I had quite the week. It started out pretty rough, to be honest- I was getting pretty discouraged and down on myself for a day or two. BUT I received some tender mercies from the Lord in the form of some well-timed, love-filled letters from a few dear friends and then we taught a BOMB lesson and I realized that Satan was just trying to get me down so I wouldn’t be an effective missionary. We sure showed him.

This saturday was R_____’s baptism! It was SO wonderful. She seemed so happy and her daughters and some nieces and a nephew sang “Cuando me bautice” (When I am baptized… the rainbow one that I remember singing at A_D_’ baptism forever and a half ago). It was super precious. We had dinner with her mom yesterday and she said that R____’s been talking about wanting to go to the temple already! The bishop told us earlier that next month they’re setting up a trip for recent converts to go do baptisms for the dead. It’ll be such a wonderful experience for all of them!

I mentioned earlier that we taught a bomb lesson- it was super cool. Our first week here there was a ward potluck welcoming home a missionary. Some of his family friends came (not members), but we didn’t have a chance to really talk to them. Ever since we’ve tried to get a chance to talk to them with their member friends, but didn’t until this week. We went by with the RM friend and taught the restoration. The Spirit was super strong and M___ and J___ (the nonmembers) felt it. We asked what they thought and M____ said she thought it was true and they agreed to pray about it that night. They each offered a prayer before we left and they were so sincere and the Spirit was so powerfully there!!! We’re super excited to see them again this week.

Anyways, I hope you’re all doing well and would love to hear from you! Snail mail is the best way (because I’ll definitely have time to read and respond to it) but you can email me too if you’d rather.  (Just remember that I only have limited time every Monday to email… so if I don’t respond it’s because I just plain don’t have time!)

Con muchisimo amor, With a lot love,

Hermana Deryk Howell

IMG_0089[1] IMG_0093[1]

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