Week 9: Un Bautismo Milagroso (With pictures!)

SO I finally remembered BOTH my camera and the attachment cord so I can send some pictures this week!

Picture 1: Me and Hna D____ with E_____ at her baptism (my first week)

Me and Hna Dicarolo with Erika at her baptism (my first week)

Picture 2: What I did with some of the contents of my “Greenie Package” from my mom

What I did with some of the contents of my Greenie Package from my mom

Picture 3: Me and Hna D_____ with Elderes H______ and M____ at B______’s baptism…

Me and Hna Dicarolo with Elderes Higgins and Moss at Bernardo's baptism

…which is what I want to tell you about this week!

We’ve been teaching B_____’s wife, C______, for the past couple of weeks. Her daughter’s family is all members, and C______ and B_____ go to church every week with them. C______ even goes every week to an activity with the Relief Society where they knit scarves to donate and read from the Book of Mormon. BUT they’ve never been baptized!

We started teaching C______, but she just couldn’t understand why she needed to be baptized again (she was baptized Catholic) and we explained about proper authority and the priesthood, and how Christ was baptized by immersion, not by being sprinkled… but she didn’t get it. She also isn’t sure if the Book of Mormon is the word of God, but she WON’T PRAY ABOUT IT! It’s pretty frustrating when people won’t do their part to get an answer. How hard is it to pray, anyway?

We weren’t focusing on B______, since he often wasn’t there (doing dishes or sitting on the other end of the room) and when he was with us, he looked like he was at least halfway asleep.

We had taught pretty much everything, and on Tuesday felt like we needed to talk about baptism once again. After explaining again why it’s important and why they would need to be baptized again, we invited both of them to be baptized in September. BUT they said they were leaving for Mexico the next week (this week)! Oh no! We told them that honestly, they were ready and could be baptized that weekend… but C____ said she wasn’t ready and B______ said he would “think about it.” We left pretty sad and disappointed.

NEXT DAY: We received a phone call from B______. “Quiero bautizarme.” (I want to be baptized.) WHAT. We were so happy and excited- we definitely weren’t expecting that! So we went and talked to him about it at the chapel and he talked about how Jesus wasn’t baptized by sprinkling water on his head- he went under the water. He wanted to be baptized like Jesus was. He knew that Joseph Smith was a prophet called of God, and really saw God the Father and Jesus Christ… he was SO ready for baptism!

He passed his interview with Elder M____ and got both baptized and confirmed yesterday (Sunday) because he’s leaving for Mexico this week with his wife. The baptism was so wonderful and the Spirit was so strong… we saw C____ crying. Hna D_____ talked to her as everyone was filing out of the Relief Society room to get tamales and hot dogs. She told her, “You’re next!” and she replied, “I know.”

They’re such great people. B______ is such a funny, cool guy, and just wants to follow his Savior. Now that he has the Gift of the Holy Ghost, he’s going to be such a great guide and example to his wife- and once they’re back from Mexico (probably the end of September) we think she’ll follow his example. We’re so excited for them.

Other investigators… We got a new referral from a member. She’s going through some hard stuff right now and we hope that she keeps commitments and allows the Gospel to help her out.

We’re doing weekly-ish Book of Mormon classes with a guy named E_____ and his less-active friend, R______ (not actually his name, but it’s what he goes by). Sometimes R_____’s sister and her boyfriend (also both less-active) join us, too. They LOVE the Book of Mormon and read it like crazy between our meetings (we read 6 chapters the first time we met together!) They all just have some tough stuff to get through. They’re super cool and we really love them. They came for Sacrament Meeting, but had to leave afterwards. E____ seemed to like it pretty well, even if it’s a lot different from the Catholic church that he’s used to.

And then there’s R___. She’s the best! We love R_____ SO MUCH! We only managed to see her once this week. She tends to be gone a lot when we come by (even after we set an appointment). She’s super ready, but hasn’t told her mom or Hno R_____ (her mom’s husband) yet, but she said she wants him to baptize her. We were talking with her and she TOTALLY gets the “endure to the end” concept- she knows that baptism isn’t the end goal and she needs to keep making right choices and going to church and reading the scriptures… she’s so awesome! She keeps comparing it to having a healthy, fit body (she’s a huge health nut- she sells HerbaLife) and how it’s a constant process. I think she’s a future Relief Society president.

Unfortunately she got called in to work yesterday and couldn’t come to church… so we have to push back her baptismal date, either to the 1st or to the next weekend. It’s kind of a bummer, but we know that she’s ready and it’ll work out. Her daughters were there though, with their grandma. (They came up to us after Primary to show us the candy they got.)


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