Week 8

Well another week has gone by already! I can’t believe it! Time flies so fast!
It was a really good week. We taught some BOMB lessons, and the Spirit was super strong.
R____ is doing AWESOME and she’s pretty excited about her baptism on the 31st. We taught the Plan of Salvation earlier this week and the Spirit was so strong! She kept commenting on how much love God must have for His children to create this plan. She definitely felt this love and she started crying a little bit. I testified that this love that God has for her specifically is the reason we were there teaching her, because He wants her to come home to Him. It was a truly beautiful experience.
Her little girls, D____ and G_____, are crazy adorable and looked so sweet in their little dresses at church on Sunday! We’re so excited for all of them!
We also taught her the WoW, which she also loved. She’s WAY into this HerbaLife health food thing, and so she really liked talking about taking care of our bodies. She agreed with everything we said already, and doesn’t have anything to overcome in that sense. Yay!
We can’t teach M____ anymore- he lost his house and moved away. But we hope that we helped him come closer to his Savior in the short time we were able to talk to him!
This ward is really great, in case I haven’t said so before. The people are wonderful and there’s so much work to be done! There are a lot of part-member families to talk to and everyone is SO excited to have sister missionaries in the ward. (The bishop of an English-speaking ward tried to convince us at a baptism yesterday that we were serving in the wrong ward. Sister D______ told him he should talk to President Smart. Haha.)
The ward is starting to get how to pronounce my name a little. Up until now they’ve always said it with a question mark and looked to me to verify- it’s pretty funny. But now they’re getting almost as confident in introducing Hermana How-wells (idk where the ‘s’ came from) as Hermana D_______.
There isn’t really anyone in the ward who plays piano. They have someone to play in sacrament meeting, but other than that they’ve been going acap. (Trust me, that’s NOT a good thing. Haha.) So I play in Sociedad de Soccorro (Relief Society) and at baptisms. They tried to get me to play for choir practices too, but I have work to do during the day (Domingo no es un dia de descanso por los misioneros!)
La familia S_____ have been a big support for us. Hna S_____ drove us to the Temple last week and she’s the one that set up our dinner calendar. Hno S_____ came with us for a lesson with M_____ before he moved… but he wasn’t home. But Hno S_____ has been super helpful with lots of little stuff.
Another good friend we have is Hna R_____. She’s R_____’s mom and the wife of the Ward Mission Leader. Since we’re over there SO much to teach her daughter, she’s offered to feed us several times when we haven’t had dinner appointments. She’s a really nice lady and says she’s seen a marked difference in her daughter.
Hna G______ has come with us on a couple of lessons to teach the young couple we found on the first day. She’s really happy to help and earlier this week took us around to talk to some of her neighbors. (They were English-speaking though, so we gave the referrals to the other sisters.)
Spanish is progressing slowly but surely. I’m understanding about 80-90% of what’s being said. It’s just harder to speak up and say things myself. I need to practice more- I definitely spoke more Spanish in the MTC by a LONG shot.
Que mas… Oh! Sister D_____’s birthday was this week! I made a cake out of the green cookie mix that Mom sent me in my “greenie package” (which was way cute btw). I was nervous that it wouldn’t really work out… I followed the directions on a package of cake mix (which we’d used on Sunday to make a cake for E_____’s baptism), reasoning that I’d made cookies from cake mix- why shouldn’t it work the other way around?
Luckily it turned out. Yay! So we had green birthday cake. It was kind of trippy because our plates are green too… so it looked super weird and messed with my head a little bit. I felt like I was wearing the green glasses from the Emerald City in Wicked. (I can’t remember if they had that in the Wizard of Oz too, or if they added it…) Haha.
Pues…. les quiero! Escribire en la proxima semana!
Hermana Howell
PS- SO I remembered my camera. But I forgot my cord to connect it to the computer. Haha sorry!!!! I’ll send pics next week (including the one from E____’s baptism last week!)

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