Week 7: Primer bautismo! (First baptism!)

That’s right- I had my first baptism this week! E____ is 9 and was SO excited to be baptized! (I think I talked about her in my last email.) Her mom is inactive, but she goes to church every week with her grandma and her aunties. The baptism was great- the Spirit was super strong and there were several investigators there. I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost in Spanish, and everyone at least kind of understood what I was saying. haha.

We also had the opportunity to go to the Temple in Redlands this week as a zone. (I forgot my camera though… crazy lame.) It was beautiful (as every Temple is) and so peaceful. It was a good little break from the crazy busy missionary daily life.

M_____, who I wrote about last week, has been really hard to get in contact with. For someone without a car, he sure seems to disappear a lot. We’ve set up appointments with him and come back and he’s just not there. We did catch him once, but he was pretty drunk… I can tell he wants to change though and hopefully we can meet up with him more this week.

Another investigator we have is R____. (I talked about her last week too.) She’s definitely feeling the Spirit when we talk with her and we’re excited to see her progress. She’s kind of flakey though- she’s often gone with her boyfriend when we go to see her. But that’s okay. We’ve got a plan to get her to church this week and continue to get her ready for baptism.

We’re also teaching G_____. Her mom was baptized a week before we got here, so she kind of knows what the Church is about. We think her brother has told her a bunch of anti-Mormon stuff though, so we need to talk to her about that. She’s an awesome girl and we love teaching her!

There are plenty of inactive and part-member families we’ve met with, too. The T______ family have their grandparents living with them for the past few years, and they come to church with them and everything- they just have never been baptized. We’re going to invite them tonight! 😀

Everything’s awesome here… the weather’s a little hot (ok maybe a LOT) and the drivers are kind of terrifying. (Welcome to California.) But I absolutely love it here!

Something that I keep coming across in my studies the past few days is the principle of eternal families. I am SO thankful for the chance we have to live with our families for all of eternity! I know that this Gospel is true, and we have it because God loves us SO MUCH (favorite scripture- Alma 24:14). The only way we can experience true happiness, not just in this life but for eternity, is by living according to the principles of the Gospel and trying to be like Jesus Christ and coming to know Him better.

Love you all so much! Until next week!

Sister Deryk Howell


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