7-1-13 One more month in the MTC! (Snail Mail Letter)

Mi queridas Madre y Padre y Hermanos,

I’m so grateful for the letters and packages you’ve sent – you’re the best! ♥

I’ll tell you a little about my district –

Hna V_____ – mi companera – She’s from Central California & will be serving in the Salt Lake City Mission. She’s pretty quiet & it’s really her first time away from home. We found out that we both like writing stories! (Cool story BTW – when Liz dropped me off at the main MTC, Hna V_____ got dropped off at the same time! We got our name tags together & had lunch together before we were companions!)

Hna B____ – from Pocatello, going to Riverside – super friendly and sweet. She was studying speech pathology at Utah State before this. She keeps a journal of funny things that happen every day – she read through it to us yesterday and we got to laugh a lot.

Hna G_____ – from a small town in Utah that I can’t remember, going to Riverside – she was studying music (harp) at BYU. She’s one of the sweetest, most thoughtful girls I’ve met. She’s the next J___P___. She’s really good at the language & she’s our “Sister Training Leader” (kind of the girl DL).

& the Elders -I don’t know them as well

E O_____ – from CA, going to SLC – seems very focused and loves the work. He LOVES telling stories, especially about going out to work with the missionaries before he came out here. He’s our DL, so it’s his fault when I get your letters late. (Haha! I tease.)

E A_____ – from Alaska, going to SLC – kind of the opposite of his companion, E O_____, in a lot of ways. He’s very chill & relaxed (not necessarily lazy, perse’, just chill). He’s also super funny – he reminds me a LOT of “Jonesy” from high school.

E B______ – from Canada, going to Riverside – the only Elder going w/me & Hnas B___ & G____ to CA. Even though he is from Canada, he was born in England & raised in an English home, so he has a LOVELY accent! It’s really helping stave off my BBC withdrawals. (JK – no withdrawals here!) He’s way funny & I think we’d be good friends in “real life”.

E F____ – from New Mexico, going to SLC – the baby of the group, he just graduated from high school this year. Most of his extended family aren’t members, so he’s hoping his mission helps bring them closer to the church. He’s pretty quiet, but seems cool.

I ♥ MY DISTRICT! There are plenty of cool people in my zone & elsewhere too, but I just don’t know them as well.

Love you tons! Can’t wait to see tonight if I got a letter about TREV’S MISSION CALL!!

Also, yes, Hna V____ will be my companion my whole time in the MTC. (6 weeks = 1 transfer)

♥ ♥ Hna Howell

P.S. I got the Dear Elders about Trevy’s call!! SO excited!


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