7-3-13 A Spiritual High

Buenos tardes!

I just love it here! Every day I hit another spiritual high. I’m learning SO MUCH about teaching, Spanish, and the Gospel. It’s just wonderful!

This week I’ve felt a lot of focus on our Savior, Jesus Christ. On Saturday, my district met with one of our teachers (Hermana C_____- She’s awesome) and we talked about Christ and how we can have a more personal relationship with Him. We read through a lesson in PMG (the Restoration) and applied each section to Christ and His Atonement and how it applies to us personally. We wrote our thoughts in the margins and it was pretty cool.

One of the best parts for me was when I was reading through the section entitled “The Savior’s Earthly Ministry and Atonement” (I was using my English copy), there was a line that said quoted John 3:16-17, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son… that the world through him might be saved.” Reading that, I realized that I could replace the phrase “the world” with my own name, and it would still be true. Even if the rest of the world would’ve been fine, and if I was a horrible sinner, God would’ve still sent His Son to save me, and Christ would’ve still willingly suffered and died to bring me back home. They love me THAT MUCH. I was so touched by the love I felt at that moment as the Holy Ghost testified the truth of this to me.

However, I got stuck when I got to the section about the Great Apostasy- I just couldn’t think of what that had to do with ME and my relationship with Christ. SO I did my new favorite thing- I said a quick prayer in Spanglish. After that I felt impressed to reread through some of the notes I’d already taken. Somewhere I’d said something about Christ knowing me better than anyone other than our Father in Heaven. I remembered how ever since I was little I’d always wanted an older sibling. Someone whose example I could follow, who was there to stand up for me, who knew exactly what I was going through. There were plenty of girls I remember from Young Women’s and YCL’s from girls’ camp when I was younger that I looked up to a lot, and would talk to me about my life and stuff, but I always wanted someone who was ALWAYS there, not just on Sundays and Wednesdays or during girls’ camp, but ALL. THE. TIME.

As I sat there pondering this, I realized that all that time I’d had that older sibling in Christ. He is my brother, and I’d never really realized what that meant. He suffered through every sin, sadness, or pain I’ve ever or will ever endure. He knows what I’m going through. He understands me perfectly. He’s my advocate with God- I read a scripture just yesterday that illustrates this beautifully (Doctrine and Covenants 45:3-5)

This week I have come to know and truly love my Savior SO much better. I plan on (and invite all of you!) coming to know Him better and strengthening your relationship with Him through sincere prayer and careful study of His life and Atonement. (I REALLY recommend finding the talk by David A Bednar “The Character of Christ.” I watched it yesterday and it is LIFE-CHANGING. I am not exaggerating when I say that it is one of the most wonderful talks I’ve ever watched.)

We finished teaching “Maria” last week- she didn’t accept our invitation to be baptized, but we definitely planted some seeds and brought her closer to Christ! We have two new “investigators” now, “Ryleigh” and “Carlos.” We had our first lesson with Ryleigh and it went pretty good- I feel like Hna V_____ and I followed the Spirit well. Our first lesson with Carlos is tonight and we’re planning on teaching about the Atonement.

ALSO. YAY TREVY!!!! I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO excited for you to serve your mission! Wichita, Kansas isn’t going to know what hit them! You are going to be SO GREAT as a missionary! TE AMO!

Love you tons! Send letters!

Hermana Howell

IMG_0022 (1)

The District!
It was Canada Day this Monday, and we celebrated it for Elder B_____
(he was born in England but lives in Canada- he has a SWEET accent. I think it’s helping me stave off my BBC withdrawals.)
Top row: Elder A_____ (from Alaska, going to SLC), E O_____ (CA>SLC), E B_____ (Canada>Riverside), E F____ (NM> SLC)
Bottom row: Yours truly (Meridian > Riverside), Hna Beck (Pocatello>Riverside),
Hna G_____ (Roosevelt, UT>Riverside), Hna V_____ (Rippen, CA>SLC)


The map!

IMG_0020 (1)

Me and Sister L_____  at choir practice last week
(Sister L_____ is a friend from high school)


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